US Army Orders New Rifle With Four Barrels

The US army has ordered a rifle that has four barrels and that can shoot all four rounds all at once.

The prototype, developed in a garage at Colorado Springs is electrically fired and has four barrels stacked vertically in a single steel block. It weighs about 6.5 pounds which is very light taking into account the number of barrels it has. Moreover, it has a theoretical speed of 250 rounds per second!

The maker, Martin Grier has also designed a similar gun that has five barrels! The gun called the L5 can shoot five bullets and hit a target with overlapping groups.

Grier has spent quite a fortune on this prototype of his. He developed the weapon with electromagnetic actuators that fire the blocks of ammunition. The ammunition blocks can hold four rounds of six-millimeter ammunition. The ammunition blocks are inserted horizontally through the gun and can be attached to one another as well which can create magazines of various sizes.

This lightweight weapon that doesn’t compromise on the range and effectiveness can become very successful if it proves to be reliable and accurate.

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