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Animated Street Art Is A Cool New Thing These Days. This Is How It Looks

The writing on the wall has evolved folks. Yes, that’s right. Meet INSA – an anonymous fine artist and designer based in London. He owns the fashion company known as INSA HEELS. However, the reason why we are talking about him is because of something completely else. Well, the opening line to this article did give us away, didn’t it?

He attempted to create the world’s largest GIF-ITI – a graffiti that is visible from space.

The project took him over 4 days to complete and then his accomplished was photographed via satellite that is 431 miles away from Earth in space.

This started the GIF-ITI series where INSA is attempting to revolutionize how people look at street art.

A GIF-ITI, aka animated graffiti, is a series composed of murals where each mural varies slightly from the previous one.

So, when you put their photographs next to one another, an animation loops is created thus imparting the feel of graffiti moving.

This is frigging awesome!

This is like a treat for our brains.

You can even watch these animated murals in real life instead of just looking on your laptop screen.

INSA along with his developer team has created a wonderful app, ‘augmented reality platform’ that enables the users to enjoy INSA’s hand-painted murals in real-life. All that you have to do is to align your smartphone camera with the wall on which the graffiti has been painted and watch the magic happen.