This Street Artist Incorporates Trees And Flowers Into This Creations – And The Results Are Astounding

Now, that’s a perfect collaboration between man and nature!

Fabio Gomes Trindade is a Brazilian street artist that creates unique graffiti art by taking a little help from mother nature. He combines his portraits with branches of trees or bushes which give a stunning three-dimensional look to his paintings. Choosing the location of the artwork is the most crucial part of the painting as it can make or break the final design. Gomes specifically selects the area which has a growing bush or tree in the background and then uses graffiti to create human faces while the trees serve as different hairstyles on the picture!

Gomes was first inspired by this idea of blending street art with nature almost 10 years ago when he came across an acerola tree which was planted in the backyard of a house. Ironically, that very same tree from years ago became a humble part of one of his most popular creations afterward.

Recently, the street artist got viral on Brazilian social media where his artwork got recognition from not only Brazilian fans but from millions of people all around the world, including different celebrities as well. Reacting to all the positive feedback he got on the paintings, Gomes said, “I am really happy and surprised about the positive reactions to my art, this inspires me to keep doing what I love to do and making a living off it.” Now the artist has about 92k followers on his Instagram account where he posts pictures of his nature-blended artwork.

Gomes is a perfect example of following your passion and making a living off of it. If you do something you love, you will never get tired of it and it will eventually lead you to better opportunities in the future.

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