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This Is How “I am Not A Robot” Test Really Works

Most of the internet users are quite familiar with the I’m Not A Robot test, also known as CAPTCHA test, that can be found on websites across the web. In fact, you might also be among those who are annoyed with this stupid I’m Not A Robot test. Today we bring you an interesting video from a YouTube user where the user will tell you the amazing history behind CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. These tests have been around ever since the early days of the internet.  However, apart from the obvious, do you really know why these tests actually exist in the first place? That is where the YouTube user, Tom Scott, comes in with his knowledge and answers the question in great detail in the video that we have featured.

We won’t be giving too many spoilers here because we want you to watch the video by Tom Scott to learn more about the CAPTCHA tests. However, we can tell you that he breaks down the history behind these tests and explains in great detail about how they have evolved over the course of the years. In fact, these tests have started to become harder over the years. The CAPTCHA tests serve a very basic purpose; keeping websites and companies safe from any spam robots.

The story of these tests begins with AltaVista. Back in 1995, the search engine was trying to come up with means of keeping themselves from getting excessive spam from bots. They found the solution by adding a question on their submission form that only humans would be able to answer. Over time, the bots have become more intelligent, thus leading to more complex tests. Check out the video to learn more about the history of CAPTCHA tests.

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