Watch Mark Zuckerberg Take a CAPTCHA To Prove That He’s Not A Robot 

Contrary to what had been said on the internet, Mark Zuckerberg has been proven to not be a robot!

In a two-hour interview, podcaster Lex Fridman had Zuckerberg prove he’s not a robot using a CAPTCHA test and he passed just right in the test.

During the interview, Fridman handed Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook (now Meta), a paper and asked him to “circle all the traffic lights, please.” It was a funny version of the types of tests we now take on websites all the time to prove we’re human and not robots.

The CEO easily proved that he is, indeed, a human.

“That is a very impressive performance,” Fridman responded. “Now we can initiate the interview procedure.”

CAPTCHAs are so commonplace now that many don’t recognize just how awe-inspiring they are. They were developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in the year 2000. The full form of the acronym is: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. These tests are super-advanced versions of the Turing tests, which were designed by pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing to tell a robot apart from a human.

Mark Zuckerberg Passes The Captcha Test - YouTube

Jokes about Zuckerberg’s somewhat robot-like outlook have led to some hilarious memes over the years, up to and including a petition with eight whole signatories demanding that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology administer a Turing test on him.

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