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An iPhone Allegedly Exploded In His Pants And Left Third-Degree Burns On His Butt

The 36-year-old Sydney cyclist named Gareth Clear was out riding his bike on a beautiful day. Gareth was wearing shorts and had stuck his iPhone into the back pocket when he went tumbling down and fell right onto his butt.


Image Source: Gareth Clear/Daily Mail


A weird burning smell hit him, and he realized that his shorts were burning while smoke was rising from his back.

He tried to pry off the red-hot iPhone from his butt using his fingers but ultimately had to resort to punching it off using his fist.


Image Source: Gareth Clear/Daily Mail


Gareth was taken to the Royal North Shore hospital where he will spend six days as the dead skin cells are sucked out, and the skin grafting is performed. Gareth was left badly shaken by this incident:

“It’s a tragedy waiting to happen. A mini bomb.”


Image Source: Gareth Clear/Daily Mail


Apple has already approached Gareth and is looking into the matter but has refrained from commenting on it.

All we can say here is that don’t put your iPhone in your back pocket and absolutely do not try to fall on it. Remember, it explodes!