Australian Man Claims That Flaming iPhone 7 Burned His Car and Pants


It is the season of exploding phones, or maybe the prophecy of our technology turning eventually turning against humans is coming true. After all the hullabaloo created by Note 7 and its special heating up powers, it seems as though iPhone 7 has also started catching the same drift. In a new story coming out south Australia, a surf instructor going by the name of Mat Jones told Australia’s 7 News that his iPhone 7 which he left in his car under a pair of pants caught fire, burning both the pants and the car seat with it.

Jones elaborated, “As I looked into my car, you could not see inside the car, like all the windows were just black. Ash was just coming from inside the pants which once you wrapped open the pants the phone was just melting inside of it.”

Screencap: 7 News
Screencap: 7 News


Of course, it is a scientific fact that any lithium phone battery can explode if it is damaged, overheated or overcharged. For now, Jones claims that he didn’t do any of these things, and neither has used a third-party charger since buying it last week. He also expressed that he has “no doubt” that the phone was the source of the fire.

Do you think this was just one off incident or is it signs of another storm of exploding phones? Comment below!

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