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This Green Charger Uses The Energy Of Plants To Charge Your Smartphone

E-Kaia Makes Use of Energy From Plant For Charging Smartphones

What if we told you that soon enough you’d be able to charge your smartphone and/or tablet using a potted plant? No, this isn’t just an idea; say hello to ‘E-Kaia’. It is a device that has been created by three young engineers that hail from Chile. The gadget relies only on a plant for getting power that is enough to charge your devices and it has been termed as the sustainable alternative for mobile users.

The gadget requires only plugging into a vase. Since E-Kaia is undergoing patent registration process, the creators have not revealed much information regarding its operation. Despite sporting so many secrets, industrial engineer Carolina Guerrero along with computing engineer Camila Rupish and electronic engineer Evelyn Aravena have proved the efficiency of this amazing invention. The mechanism works similar to a circuit that can generate 5 volts at 600 milliamps and connects to devices by making use of a USB cable.

When photosynthesis is taking place, plants create organic material that is capable of converting light energy into chemical energy. Microorganisms close to the roots are responsible for carrying out the processing of this energy that is used by plants for growth and create electrons as by-products. The gadget works by capturing the electrons that are not used by the plant, thus not harming the plant, and generating electricity that can be used for charging smartphone.

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