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Should You Buy xFyro xS2 True Wireless Earbuds That Cost Only $99? Here’s Our Review

This is the xFyro xS2 headphones that you can get your hands on for only $99. The headphones are wireless, and in case you are wondering if you should buy them, well; we have a guide for you!

Design Of xFyro xS2

The headphones are not bad when it comes to design, but there are some improvements that could have been and should have been made. They are black in color and feature a power button on each bud along with right and left indicators. The buds are actually lightweight. The charging case looks okay as well, but it is the way it holds the buds when it is charging that is bizarre. The buds simply snap into the ends of the case without any cover, and there is always the possibility of them falling off.

The charging case doesn’t feature a USB-C port but has a MicroUSB port which is good as it works with any standard micro USB cable. The case comes with a power button that allows users to control the charging mode. The case is also capable of charging other accessories by making use of a full-size USB-A port. The case and the buds of the xFyro xS2 don’t feel cheap, they are pretty well made. The box comes with the charging case, headphones, a micro USB cable, and three pairs of ear tips.

Comfort Of Wireless Headphones

The earbuds stick well in your ears and provide a good fit for those afternoon runs. The buttons are also easily accessible even after the earbuds are stuck in your ear. Overall, the earbuds are pretty comfortable to wear and one can wear it for hours without any discomfort.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is pretty good for a $99 pair. The earbuds do offer redeeming qualities and the bass is great. Actually, The best thing about the earbuds is their bass response. They provide enough of it to deliver a nice punch to the kickdrums and can handle bass guitars smoothly. The mid-range is not terrible either; you can distinguish between almost any note. Overall, the sound quality gets a 10/10 from us.

Performance Of xFyro xS2

You can connect these headphones to your gadget via Bluetooth 4.2, and this means you are able to enjoy a range of 33 feet. However, the headphones do sometimes skimp, so make sure your smartphone is never too far. The battery life of these headphones is great and integrated powerbank makes them ready for any camping trip. In our testing, the earbuds lasted around 4 hours on a single charge. The charging case can offer a total of six hours, though.

As a conclusion, we would suggest that you buy these earbuds for sure as they are great value for money. Head of to their official website to make the purchase here