Take A Look At This Tiny Macintosh Classic Built With LEGO And Raspberry Pi

Mini Macintosh Classic LEGO

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, that can make the worst of experiences and places in your past mild and bearable, while make you pine for the “good old days”. Day in day out we see our elders narrate the “back in our day” stories with teary eyes, although it is a clear fact that the modern day and age is the pinnacle of human progress and civilisation.


Same was the case with the developer Janis Hermanns, who although works on the latest computer technologies for a living, but still can’t wane away his love for the first computer he ever worked on, the Macintosh Classic.

And to honour the legend, he actually built a Wi-FI enabled LEGO Macintosh Classic with his son. The cute miniature model runs Docker on a Raspberry Pi Zero and is even able to publish an e-paper display.


The project is supposed to be a birthday present for his friend, who is an equal if not more Macintosh enthusiast. The father and son duo used LEGO designer to design the project, along with an e-paper display and white LEGO bricks. A very rudimentary design was then brought to life by connecting it to a Raspberry Pi Zero, which led to the world’s most adorable Macintosh Classic replica.


The project cost around $160 in total, and you can build your own too by reading this guide.

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