Sprimo Is An Air Monitor That Connects With Your iPhone To Check Air Quality

Sprimo Air quality Monitor (3)

You can choose what you eat but you can not choose what you breathe. Food comes in the market with a label mentioning what it contains but the air does not. Air quality monitoring devices in the market are mostly never portable. If we are in the presence of an odor for long enough, our senses get used to it and begin to ignore it which can be hazardous in a lot of cases.

Source: Sprimo/ Kickstarter

Sprimo Labs, A Silicon Valley-based startup has developed a smart air monitor that measures the quality of the air in your surrounding checking temperature, humidity, and other quality parameters. The small gadget plugs into the Lightning port of an iPhone to provide air quality reports. The gadget includes no batteries or button. There is no need to turn it on, you just plug the device into the port and once the iOS Sprimo app is launched, you can see the results on the screen of your phone.

Source: Sprimo/ Kickstarter

The device measures quality in terms of the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. the results are displayed on the app in both numerical and color values where green color with low values is considered an air of good quality, yellow goes for OK, while high values along with a red color are dangerous, or just bad. The device can only inform you of the quality and you can choose to take appropriate measures as per the situation. you can leave the area or look up the source of VOCs is possible. If the source is indoors like cigarette smoke you can remove it but if you are outside, and the source is automobile exhaust, there is not much you can do about it.

The iOS app also connects you to a Sprimo community, that forms the air quality readings from multiple users in different areas into a city map.

Source: Sprimo/ Kickstarter

The Android version of the device is currently in the making but the project is live on Kickstarter where you can back the project for $25 to get an early bird special in July 2017, which will later retail for $40.

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