Alienware Area 51 Is The Most Powerful Gaming System That You Can Buy

The Alienware Area 516

For all the gaming fans out there, behold, Alienware’s all new Area 51 gaming system is here for you! Dell has stated that the gaming system is capable of offering state of the art performance. The desktop gaming system comes with an amazing new chassis and incorporates the Extreme Edition Core i7 processor from Intel. It shall also support 4K gaming by employing three full-sized video cards.The Alienware Area 515 The Alienware Area 514

Dell has named the design of the chassis as The Triad. Apart from coming with looks that are akin to ET, it has been developed to be thermally efficient and the design facilitates access to interior for upgrades that may come in handy later on. The internal fans are located at the bottom so that cool ambient air can be sucked in while the hot air is blown out diagonally from the top. Owing to this, even if the setup is pushed against the wall, the ventilation wouldn’t be blocked.The Alienware Area 513

The port panel on the front can be seen accessed from seated position while the back panel has been installed at an angle hence allowing for easy accessibility when it comes to cable stabbing. The Area 51 gaming system will be available with a choice between 6 or 8 cores – the Intel Haswell-E core i7 processors that was introduced on the Intel x99 Express chipset. The assembly shall be shipped from the factory while optimized for overclocking and with support for up to 32 GB of 2,133 MHz DDR4 RAM while also being compatible with SSD storage and HDD hybrid options. A support for five drives is expected.The Alienware Area 512 The Alienware Area 51

Users will be able to install 3 AMD or NVidia graphics cards that will power multiple monitors at UHD resolutions and even higher. The Command Centre suit of Alienware has been updated as well and now stands at version 4.0. There are a myriad of functions and tweaks all aimed at enhancing the experience of gaming. Dell has also stated that the launch of a curved display with 34” screen will allow for immersive gaming experience. It shall have a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 and suit the Alienware rig perfectly

Users will be able to get their hands on this devil of a machine by December, 2014. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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