First App Launched For Apple Watch And It Is An Arm Wrestling App

Arm-wrestling App is the First for Apple Watch2

With all its fancy designing, sapphire glass screen and the list of functions, the Apple Watch was expected to launch its first app, as a futuristic one. But, in the end; Apple did what it does best – surprise us. So, the first app to be launched for the Apple Watch is an Arm Wrestling app, designed by a small indie games developer in Fullerton, California.Arm-wrestling App is the First for Apple Watch4

The name of the app is iArm Wrestle Champs and it is developed for both Apple and Android smart watches. The game enables its user to arm wrestle a rival while the watch provides commentary. The built-in accelerometer in the Watch detects tilting and determines the winner.

Players will be able to customize their watch, using a picture for the game, recording voice clips and more. It has already been released for iOS and Android smartphones. But we still have hope that before the watch is launched in spring, we’ll have more gaming options as an alternative to arm wrestling. It s expected that the gaming experience will lie with users rotating the ‘crown’ button at the side of the device, shouting voice commands or even with the heartbeats of the user, instead of tapping on the small size screen. Along with its latest iPhone 6, Apple revealed this smartwatch and a new mobile payment system called Apple pay.Arm-wrestling App is the First for Apple Watch5

A number of features were revealed at the launch of the new wearable, but gaming was not mentioned at the time. But it was told that developers would be able to create apps for the wearable. The watch is made of metal and features a rectangular bezel, curved edges and a rectangular sapphire crystal screen. Tim cook said, “Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created.”

According to a tech expert at, ‘All eyes have been on Apple’s entry to the smart watch market, and sure enough they’ve brought their design chops and new hires to bring a truly attractive device to the table. A bit like Apple’s phones and tablets, the watch has an elegance and luxuriousness that has eluded the efforts of other manufacturers. Apple seems to have understood that, like jewellery, watches are highly personal. A choice of sizes, finishes and straps will no doubt convince people that a smart watch is worth investing in. However, the fact that users will also need an iPhone with their watch, and it’s therefore not a standalone gadget, was glossed over fairly rapidly.’

The watch features a new interface unlike that of the iPhone, and the ‘crown’ on the Apple Watch is a dial called the ‘digital crown’. The crown is a multipurpose one, users can use it to zoom in or out on a map, or scroll through a list and it can also be pressed as a home button on iPhone. The watch is compatible with iPhone 5C, 5S along with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and allows dictation of text messages through a microphone.Arm-wrestling App is the First for Apple Watch3

The watch will be available in three finishes, Apple Watch, which will be in silver, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition, which will be in 18-karat gold.


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