This Chinese City Has Separate Sidewalks For Smartphone Users

Chongqing Lane for smartphone users2

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our everyday lives but while they have imparted a lot of comfort and ease, they have also become a nuisance that people can’t seem to live without. Take the example of a sidewalk; the smartphone users are so immersed in their phones that they don’t care where they are going or hitting into what. In Chinese city of Chongqing, they decided to do something about it and have created the a sidewalk specifically for phone users.Sidewalk Lanes for Cellphone Users Chongqing Lane for smartphone users4 Chongqing Lane for smartphone users3

The 50 meters long sidewalk aims at reminding people that it is dangerous to be concentrating on your phone while walking as well. Users have their attention focused onto their phones and are prone to accidents. These accidents may range from small ones to fatalities, depending upon a number of variables.Chongqing Lane for smartphone users

We think the idea may very well catch on since it is becoming increasingly harder to navigate through people who are busy with their smartphones on streets. We hope to see similar idea implemented in other parts of the world as well.

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