8 Amazing Gifts For The Executives Of Your Company


We have recently covered a list of gifts that you can get for your dad, but this one is a bit more complicated. Gifting something to executives requires a blend of creativity since they are usually a step ahead when it comes to owning gadgets and stuff. Here’s our list of top 8 items you can gift to company executives.

8. Intuos Creative Stylus

8. Intuos Creative StylusThis stylus is the next level thing in its family. The gadget comes with 2,048 pressure levels and is compatible with iPad Mini, iPad 3/4 and employs the use of Bluetooth 4.0. The stylus is also usable with a number of famous apps such as Autodesk Sketchbook, ProCreate, Artrage and Inkist. It will cost you $99.95. You can get it here

7. iPin – Wireless Laser Pointer

7. iPin – Wireless Laser PointerIn simples words; this tweak can turn your iphone into a wireless presenter with laser. The device fits in the microphone jack and can be switched off by turning the device 90 degrees. This device works in collaboration with a free app and Wi-Fi. The cost for this item is $49.99. You can get one here

6. Ninja Block

6. Ninja BlockThis is a robotic personal assistant that is capable of taking care of your apps and web services. It can take care of Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs and Xbox Live. Also you can put in commands to monitor and control your stuff from anywhere you want to. This gadget costs $199.

5. Oree Keyboard

5. Oree KeyboardThis is a wireless keyboard made out of wood and available in three fonts; Fedra, Mrs Eaves and Didot while being completely compatible with Windows and Mac. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and cost depends on the wood you choose. You can get one here

4. Spacebar Monitor Stand

4. Spacebar Monitor StandThis particular monitor stand was invented by a teacher of photography, Michael Cavada, from Pennsylvania. He wanted to protect the keyboard during class lecture so he came up with this idea where you can slide the keyboard under the monitor stand rendering the table space available to use. Also this stand comes with six USB ports which mean there’s less wiring and charging hassle on your table. This one costs $99.99. You can get one here

3. Nimbus

3. NimbusThis is a customizable dashboard for your favorite apps which makes it possible for you to collect all the updates with four unique clock faces and it can connect with a number of apps including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and FitBit. Nimbus will cost you around $130.

2. Tablet Keyboard Padfolio

2. Tablet Keyboard PadfolioThis is perfect for those who prefer using a keyboard even with their tablets. This keyboard comes with an assembly where you can have your device attached to it and set to an angle while connection for the keyboard is either via cable or Bluetooth. Padfolio comes with a leather fabric exterior and a zip closure that renders it a perfect on-the-go case. It will cost you $119, which includes a color imprint for the front. You can get one here

1. Dark Energy Reservoir

1. Dark Energy ReservoirThe number one on our list is something which is both handy and stylish. Dark energy reservoir is basically a two port USB charger which is capable of charging gadgets for about a week and once it runs out of charge, you can charge it via USB. Low battery is never going to be an issue again for your executive. Charge capacity for this sweet device is 8,000mAH and it will cost you $129. You can get one here

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