Futuristic Smartphones That Became A Reality In 2013


With advances in mobile technology, our smartphones are able to do more and more amazing things. The smartphones of today are replacing all other gadgets with improved features and incredible performance. Here is a list of this year’s most innovative smartphones.

10. iPhone 5S


The iPhone has gradually evolved and become one of the most popular smartphones of today. The 5S is a gradual improvement of the iPhone 5, mainly with a more powerful processor. In terms of looks, there haven’t been any significant changes from last year. The biggest change is the home button which acts as a fingerprint scanner for security purposes. Other than these features, the 5S is the same as its predecessor, which doesn’t make it very innovative. You can get one here

9. Blackberry Q10


Most people still want a qwerty keyboard on their smartphone and Blackberry has been well known for its full-keyboard phones. The Q10 provides smartphone performance with a full-keyboard experience. Of course, there is also a touch screen to allow you to manage tasks, other than typing, in a quick and convenient manner. The keyboard on the Q10 is said to be Blackberry’s best one yet.

8. Sony Xperia Z


The Xperia Z has finally brought the world a waterproof phone. The unique casing of the Xperia Z gives it waterproof and dust-resistant capability, making it the best phone for those of us who are a little clumsy or careless when it comes to smartphones. The Xperia Z can withstand being submerged in water for minutes without any damage to its components. The phone is not shatterproof, but its still a lot more durable than the average smartphone. You can get one here

7. Nokia Lumia 1020


Ever since mobile phones started coming with cameras, we’ve all noticed slight and gradual increments in their picture taking capabilities. The Lumia 1020, however, is a big leap when it comes to improving the photographic experience of a smartphone. With an amazing 41 megapixel camera and enhanced Carl Zeiss optics, this Nokia smartphone sets the standard for the ultimate camera on any phone. The bulge caused by the camera is a small compromise for the amazing picture results you get in return. You can get one here

6. Samsung Galaxy S4


For a phone that’s packed to the brim with features, the Galaxy S4 has received a lot of criticism. Reviews have said that the phone is unnecessarily filled with features that aren’t needed. This exact point makes the S4 an innovative smartphone. Daring to go where no other smartphones has ever dared to go, the S4 has a bunch of neat tricks including an amazing camera and a screen that stays on as long as your eyes are on it. You can get one here

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3


When the Galaxy Note first arrived, it proved that buyers wanted a smartphone with a large screen. The compromise on a pocket-fitting phone was one that people were willing to make for a phone that could function as a tablet. The Galaxy Note 3 carries on with the phone-tablet cross but also provides a faster processor and better camera than its predecessor. It is currently the best large-screened smartphone available in the market. You can get one here

4. Moto X


The first flagship device by Motorola since it joined Google. The Moto X lets you customize your phone’s look unlike any other smartphone. Customers can choose from a variety of casings and trimmings to make there Moto X standout from the rest. Add the level of customization with an advanced notification screen which automatically gives you previews of any updates (texts, emails, tweets, etc.), and the Moto X shows Motorola going in a positive direction. You can get one here

3. LG G2


Even though the power and volume buttons are placed at the rear of the phone, making them slightly inconvenient to use, LG’s flagship phone is still a great innovation. The 5.2-inch display is one of the best to be featured on any smartphone yet. The quality, size and clarity of the screen are reason enough to own a G2. The thin border around the screen give the G2 a look as if the you’re only holding a screen in your hand. You can get one here

2. Google Nexus 5


The Nexus 5 is a smartphone which can compete with any other phones on this list. But it’s relatively cheap price prove that you can own a smartphone that can also perform at an affordable price. Loaded with features and featuring the latest version of Android (4.4 KitKat), the Nexus 5 does not feel cheap to use at all. The unlocked phone costs only $349, making it $300 cheaper than the unlocked iPhone 5S. You can get one here

1. HTC One


The HTC One is currently HTC’s flagship phone and it has set a new standard for Android phones in terms of looks and design. Before this phone, most Android phones looked like cheap blocks of plastic that weren’t so appealing to the eyes. But the HTC One has changed that with its all-metal body and slim design. It is not only the best looking Android phone but the best looking smartphone we’ve seen this year. You can get one here

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