iQi Mobile Charger Enables Wireless Charging On Your iPhone


Charge with Style - iQi 2With the release of the Nexus handsets, the concept of wireless charging was introduced to the public and in turn got a tremendously positive response. However, iPhone users wanting to use wireless charging are faced with the prospect of getting a wireless-ready (and often bulky) case, something like the Powermat series. The iQi Mobile working to solve this problem, have finally come up with a wireless power solution that works with most iPhone soft cases.

Charge with Style - iQi 4Just as the name suggests, the iQi Mobile uses the Qi standard and is compatible with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S & iPod Touch (5G). It consists of a 0.5 mm thick, credit-card like receiver unit. In addition to that, it has a flexible plug for the phone’s Lightning connector that allows it to be squeezed behind a standard soft case. That is from where it enables charging at a rate much faster than an USB 2.0. This can work with any charging pad compatible with iQi, including the Koolpuck charger which is being coupled with the iQi Mobile offering.

Charge with Style - iQi Thin StripEffort is being made to raise enough funds to finally bring the iQi Mobile to market through Indiegogo where the campaign has almost quadrupled its US$30,000 goal, although it still has 18 more days to run.

Charge with Style - iQi 5As a Christmas present for the early backers of the campaign, the company plans to give them their iQi Mobile perks before December 25th. However, a complete retail launch is expected to be scheduled by 2014 with the price of the iQi Mobile 1t $35 and the receiver/Koolpuck charger bundle at $85.

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