7 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Car Cool In This Hot Weather

keep car cool

Who doesn’t love the summers? The chirping birds, the aroma of the morning dew damping the soil, the platter of fresh fruits at your disposal and of course, the frying car seats. Wait, yeah that last one doesn’t really fit the “lovable” part of summers. But it is what it is, we all have to face this incredibly annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes even hazardous problem of hellishly hot cars during the summers.

Depending on temperature outside, the inside of a vehicle can be nearly 20 to 30 degrees warmer. The sunlight enters the car via the windshield, door glasses and mainly the roof, and then get trapped inside the car increasing its temperature. So much so that it is highly dangerous to leave children or animals in hot cars. However, there is a way to beat the heat without leaving your car’s AC on full blast.

1) Turn Your Car Around

You are not always lucky enough to get a parking in the shade, so what you can do it to  turn your car around while parking. This will let most of the sunlight in via the back of your car, saving you from touching the scalding hot car steering.

2) Park In the Shade

If you are going to be parking the car for a long time, it is always a good idea to park in the shade. Also if the shade it rather a slim old tree, sort out how the sun will move around and park at an angle which will save your car from the sun for the larger part of the day

3) Cover Your Windows

Invest in some sunshades for your car’s windows and the windscreen. You can search for some DIY projects and even make your own covers out of some old cardboard or boxes.

4) Create Some Air Ventilation

Open your windows at least a couple of inches in order to ensure circulation. Do get a rain check beforehand so that you don’t find you car flooded once you come back. You can also tilt your sun roof (if any) in order to allow some air to circulate.

5) Buy a Cooling Seat Cover

Buy a gel or crystal infused cooling seat covers to keep your seats from getting too hot to sit.  Especially for car with leather seats, these covers form a barrier of cooling gel and allows a more comfortable seat when you have to drive the car after a long, hot day.

6) Invest In Window Tinting

Tinting your vehicle windows is a surefire way to keep the interior cooler, as it blocks out additional radiation from entering your car. Plus it can also give an aura of cool environment around you when you sit in your car, making your ride more comfortable. Although you may need to check with your local laws on how much tinting can you do in a car.

7) Use a car cover

Although this can be an inconvenience in the morning, especially if you have a habit of getting late to work everyday. But putting on a car cover which is easy to put on or take off will ensure that no radiation enters the car directly.

Do you have any more tips on keeping your car cool? Comment below!

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