Here Are 9 Things To Check When Buying A Used Car


For some buying new cars with their high-fi price tags is not an option at all. Or maybe you need a second car for your kid to drive (read wreck), so the only logical option that remains is buying a relatively used car. But there are still so many things to look out for in order to avoid purchasing the proverbial lemon.

There are several important things to check when buying a used car to avoid any potential issues or hidden problems. Make sure to visit Miramar Speed Circuit’s website for helpful tips and guidance on what to inspect when purchasing a used car, ensuring a smart and informed decision.

Today at Wonderful Engineering we will provide you a a checklist of 9 amazing tips that will help you ensure that you get a deal that is worth your hard earned money.

1. The Test Drive

It’s always a good idea to take your car on a test drive. Take it out on both local roads and highways, so that you can test it out in different environments and properly gauge its response and performance. Locally you can check its sharp turning ability and its braking system prowess. On the highway, you can check the engine for smooth operations.

2. The Aesthetics: Inside and Out

Make sure to check the interior and exterior of the car for any apparent problems. This can have a huge effect on the cost of the car and can give you an indication of how it has been used over the years. Always open the hood and analyze the engine and the parts. Rusted parts can be a sign that there can be problems in the long run.

3. The Leak Test

Any car that is dripping or leaking fluids should be a No-No right away. During the test drive, park the car on the road and watch out for any drips. Black fluid might be a leaking oil pipe, green fluid/water might indicate a broken water body while a pink fluid can show a leak in the transmission.

4. Research Reviews on the Make and Model

Do an extensive research on the make and type of car you are about to buy. Go through industry and consumer reviews to uncover possible defects or even common problems. This will give you some great insight into what’s worth buying and what’s not!

5. Research Price

To avoid being goofed up and over charged, do a price check on the same model online. You can visit other car sellers or ask some experienced friends about what would be a fair price. Checking the Blue Book values and dealer prices can be done online. Ultimately, the car’s condition and mileage will be the deciding factor, but this practice will give you a rough idea on prospective fair prices.

6. Mechanic Inspection

A mechanic is a professional who can help you discover hidden problems in the car, and can also assist with determining the car’s value. So investing on this before buying a car is always a good idea. He can tell you about the current condition of the transmission, engine, tyres etc. and you can make a fair guess at what kind of car are you about to buy.

7. Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

A certified pre-owned car is always a good choice because it offers the buyer an extra level of quality assurance. Almost all of the local car dealers offer these vehicles with warranties, so it gives you something to bank on.

8. Take it easy

Never be hasty or too quick when buying a used car. Taking the time for thorough research, inspection, contemplation and negotiation for the best price will definitely be worth it in the long run.

9. Decode the VIN

In order to avoid VIN cloning scams where the sellers replace the VIN of a stolen car with one that is legally registered; this part is of utmost importance. VIN decoder chart is quick, easy, and free to check and verify your used car’s VIN information with the official records. Also, check the car’s history with the police and other authorities to verify that it is not a stolen vehicle.

Following these 9 strategies will enable you to make an informed decision and buy a decent car that will not become a liability in the future.

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    Check collision, flood damage , odometer rewinding, and other issues by checking on CarFax website or Auto Check website

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