Meet Graham – The Man That Can Survive Any Car Crash


The humans did not evolve to survive car crashes, and I bet you would thank your stars for it pretty soon! Artists and researchers in Australia have tried to design a case study subject named Graham, which represents the human bodies in case we were able to survive a high speed car crash.

This dozen-nippled monstrosity was commissioned by the state of Victoria in Australia to grab attention of the public and in the process raise awareness about the driving best practices and road safety.

In an interview, Joe Calafiore from the Victoria Transport Accident Commission Cars said that as the cars have evolved a lot faster than the humans, Graham exposes and refreshes the reality of the need to be safer and more responsible when driving on the road.

Picture Credits: gizmodo

While the effort must be commended and applauded for catching the attention of a lot of people ( though due to inducing the gag reflex ), it takes away the blame for the lack of automobile safety features and the institutional failure of the traffic departments across the planet. Technology’s astounding developmental pace can never be matched by evolution, and technology’s drawbacks can only be lessened using technology itself coupled with awareness of the best practices and the precautions when using such capable machinery or gadgetry.

The video below will explain the gory details of why Graham was made so disgusting to look at, and the philosophy behind it.

Here the link to the 360-degree “spiritual experience and view” of Graham. Note: People with weak stomachs are not advised to view this; though it might be better to feel nauseous while getting educated than to be indifferent towards road security and risk yours and everyone else’s lives.

Try sleeping tonight with these horrific pictures in your head!

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