6 Types Of Chatbots For Customer Service And Business Use

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If you are looking at a chatbot for your customer service operations, you need to look at more than one type of chatbot tool. You can use one of several types of chatbots for communications or receiving orders or answering customer questions. Below are some of the different types of chatbots used, including the trending and popular AI chatbot.

1. The AI Chatbot

AI in this case stands for artificial intelligence. You can create an AI chatbot that is multifunctional in five minutes using a cloud-based platform. The bot will be available to customers 24/7. The conversational bot enhances customer communications and streamlines all dialogues easily. It will also save you money if you launch a builder and build your own customer bot of this type. Creating an AI chatbot from scratch however is no easy task. Fortunately there are companies that exist in creating AI chatbots like ADA who can customize the chatbot for your business.

2. The Scripted Bot

This bot is one where the customer engages with the bot by answering predefined questions. The chatbot is developed through a questionnaire or rule-based application. For the rule-based response, the chatbot acts or responds to user prompts. 

3. The NLP Chatbot

This chatbot uses natural language processing to map a user’s voice or text. The NLP bot categorizes the message and the language is parsed so answers can be applied. You can compare this type of chatbot easily with the AI chatbot because smart intelligence is used. However, the technology may be limited to answers or responses.

4. The Service or Action Bot

This type of chatbot asks for relevant information from the customer to complete a request or take a specific action. One of the examples where this type of bot is used is in the airlines industry. This type of bot helps customers check flight bookings and statuses as well as the cost for reserving flights. Because this bot can answer some involved questions, the application can be rather complex. However, this type of chatbot greatly helps the airline business stay on top of its flights and bookings.

5. The Social Messaging Chatbot 

You can integrate this chatbot with a social messaging platform, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, or Slack. This type of chatbot makes it easy for a customer to interact with the bot—much in the same way he or she would do with a colleague or friend.

6. The Context-Enabled Chatbot

This type of chatbot is more advanced in scope and application. The bot employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to memorize conversations and convey messages that relate to the past. It is designed to be used with specific users, and can be adjusted to learn and expand over time. The chatbot artificially learns with its experiences with the customer. Some examples of this type of chatbot include Google Assistance, Siri, and Alexa. This type of chatbot makes it possible for people to conduct business and to write research papers with more convenience and ease.

You can also keep updated on certain activities, and have the bot converse with you as a type of personal assistant. Many companies like to use this bot inside their organizations to trim the costs related to hiring clerical or administrative assistants. Not only does this chatbot provide services for students and consumers, it provides help for customers that run companies or similar organizations.

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