China Unveils Its New Driverless Bullet Train That Can Hit Speeds Of 350 Km/hr

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, but the race has got bigger, China has launched its very first smart train. Tighten your belts as the specifications it holds will definitely give you goosebumps.

China’s fastest bullet train

As Winter Olympics 2020 is approaching, China is all set to link up the two host cities, Beijing and Zhangjiakou with the fastest bullet train. Not only does its high speed, 350 kilometers per hour, makes it unique, but the automated driving systems, 5G connectivity, wireless charging docks, and 2,718 sensors, all add up to mark its individuality. An investment of £6billion has been made, surely worth the project.

Wireless charging docks

Having a total travel distance of 108 miles, the Railway has been put in service to make the passengers experience the most comfortable and advanced journey they’ve ever had. The entire technology behind the project, including the structure, the equipment, all operations, and the engineering behind, have been designed in the best way it could succeed its predecessors. Making the product more flavorful, the nation’s domestically developed global satellite navigation system “Beidou”, that shall be competing with GPS in no time soon, has been used to guide the trains. The railway covers the entire track in 47 minutes that before took 3 hours in commute, making it the fastest yet safest in the rail history. To your astonishment, China has assigned artificial intelligent robots for the maintenance and repair of these trains.

The distance between two stops have been decreased to 47 minutes

The first ride took place on December 30, from Beijing North Railway Station having Yang Yang, the first Chinese Winter Olympics 2002 champion, who was equally excited about the journey. ‘It can improve the efficiency of our work, promote China’s winter sports, and boost the ice and snow economy,‘ said the retired athlete who is now chairwoman of the Athletes’ Commission of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The first ride in the self-driving bullet train

The train has been designed specifically to assist one of the largest sports events, hence the needs of the athletes and players have been prioritized. Compartments are assigned with cabins large enough to store sports equipment. For journalists, there is a dining car that can be easily converted into a center. Moreover, a live-broadcast service shall also be available during the game season.

Talking about the tickets and prices now. They range from RMB77($11) to RMB231($33) for normal high-speed train and RMB90 ($12) to RMB270 ($38) for the smart one.

There are 10 stops, including Badaling Chang Cheng, a popular part of China’s Great Wall. Each stop is equipped with facial recognition technologies and AI robots who are guided to transport luggage and direct the passengers. Cracking the suspense, this train is named as ‘Fuxing’ or ‘Rejuvenation’, and it is a great milestone in China’s Rail history.

Enjoy the ride and a Happy Olympic Season!

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