5 Tips For Effective Road Dust Control

Controlling dust on the main roads is extremely difficult. A whole host of new strategies need to be employed to get rid of dust on the roads as compared to controlling it in a closed environment. Dust particles are usually stirred up due to excessive movement on the road, and during the course of the day, the entire road is going to get incredibly dusty. For proper maintenance, you should consider using the following dust control solutions to get a good effect.

1. Reduce Traffic

The best way to reduce dust on any road is to reduce traffic. Now, this might be a bit more difficult, but it’s actually quite effective. A vehicle travelling on the road is bound to stir up dust, even those particles that remain firmly rooted to the pavement. However, if you are able to reduce traffic, you will be able to reduce the amount of dust on the road as well. This can be done voluntarily by encouraging people to walk. Other ways to do so is by allowing only vehicles of a certain type or size on the roads.

2. Reducing Speeds

Setting up speed limits is actually a pretty effective method of reducing dust. By putting up speed signs and limiting speeds, you’ll be able to reduce dust as well. Studies show that dust goes up with the amount of vehicle speed. By reducing the speed from 40 miles per hour to 20 mph, you can reduce the amount of dust generated by a passing car as well.

3. Use a Road Dust Cleaning Machine

There are a number of different types of dust cleaning machines that are available for use on the roads. Using a dust cleaning machine is a highly effective option, and widely regarded as one of the best dust control solutions. When the traffic is low, a section of the road can be closed off to allow for a thorough cleaning. This is a highly effective option as it gets rid of the dust before traffic is allowed. In most cases, tires usually carry quite a bit of dust along with themselves on the roads, so it’s recommended that you clean it as quickly as possible.

4. Watering the Road

Water is a proven solution for getting rid of dust on the road. Moisture causes the dust particles to stick to one another. Depending on the conditions of the weather, even a single watering might be effective for hours on end, or may even last for days. It’s recommended that you water the road at least once a day to minimize the amount of dust that is stirred up.

5. Sealing the Roads

Applying a dust control sealant on the roads creates a virtual barrier of sorts, preventing moisture from seeping inside, but also binding the dust particles together. It’s an effective solution that helps get rid of dust particles on the road with minimal hassle. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to keep the roads neat and clean without much of a problem.

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