5 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

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There are a lot of road networks that are dangerous due to the steepness, lack of barriers, slippery nature and sometimes just bad reputation. When you take a list of our five deadliest roads, you will see what kind of danger drivers have to face to drive. They comprise of some of the deadliest roads based on consensus among drivers. Here are they:

1. The Atlantic Ocean Road

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It is the kind of road from the dreams where you have a roaring sea beneath and your only hope is the small slippery track that doesn’t seem to end. This road is 8.3 kilomteres long with several bridges in between. I haven’t told you the real frightening part yet. Huge waves come crashing at the structure every now and then spraying water all along. Truly a nightmarish experience especially at night. It gives me the creeps.

2. South Yungas Road, Bolivia

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It is death road from Bolivia and about 43 mile long. It is the only road connecting the rest of the country to small villages. Given the poor condition of many Bolivian roads, this road and its casualties are treated as normal by many Bolivians. Thousands of people die there every day.

3. Karakorum Highway Pakistan

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It is the highest highway in the world that connects Northern Area of Pakistan with China as a strategic business route. One look at this picture is enough to consider it dangerous and beautiful at the same time. At a maximum point, it is 4,693 meters high which is higher than the tallest peaks of Europe, Australia, South America, North America and Africa! It is surrounded by three highest mountain ranges in the world; Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindu Kush. It is simply the most beautiful and dangerous road in the world in all of its 1,000 Km plus length. Do you have what it takes travel there?

4. Vitim River Crossing, Siberia Russia

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This might be the most unstable water crossing bridge ever. It is narrow, unsafe and the fast-moving waters of the Vitim river don’t make it easy either. Siberian area in Russia is considered the third pole of the world due to adverse climatic conditions.

5. BR-116 Brazil

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It is the most active road in the world for human trafficking crime. Its muddy, slippery appearance runs for almost 2,700 miles along the Brazilian coast and there are new obstacles for the vehicles at every turn. It has steep cliffs, rocks, land sliding areas, the works. Driving on this road takes special skill. Maybe that’s why police aren’t able to catch the culprits.


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