16 Houses That Prove You Don’t Have To Cut Trees For Construction

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Hundreds of thousands of trees are sacrificed all around the world to make way for our ever growing real estate projects. Many of these trees are ruthlessly brought down, and they aren’t replaced in the surroundings. Environmental support groups are legally helpless against the might of builders, corporations and national governments to tackle this ethical issue. How then do we make buildings vital for our economic growth without disturbing the natural ecosystem of the surroundings?

Here are 17 examples of kind-hearted innovative builders who loved the trees around their construction sites so much that they altered their designs just to keep them standing. After seeing them, you might want to change your mind about the whole thing as there are ways in which it can be a win-win situation for the organization and the environment.

1. Saruhan Bay, Science, Culture and Education Foundation

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When the local Turkish authority ruled that the centuries-old tree couldn’t be cut down to make this building, the architect found a loophole, or rather holes to make this curious situation work. The branches of the tree make way to the top of the building through special holes in between. Doesn’t it look great?

2. House Among Trees By Martin Fernandez

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This house in Mar Azul, Argentina literally lies among the woods. Trees are protruding from the walkway and its shed.

3. The Yellow Treehouse by Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlet

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Now this house can’t exist without the tree because it sits on top of it. It takes you closer to nature while dining there.

4. The Three Tree Houses by Jeremy Levine

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This house has three live trees in different outdoor sheds. Each room opens into one of these spaces. One tree is rather older while the two others are relatively younger.

5. Tree in the house by Aibek Almasov

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This cylindrical house swivels around a tree to the top. The client came for a perfect treat among the mountains and boy did he get it. The house has glass walls that give spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

6. The Hemloft House by Joel Allen

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This was inspired from a drop of dew descending from the top of the tree. If I were forced to be a homeless guy, this would be my favorite place to settle.

7. Fuji Kindergarten by Tezuka Architects

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This has to be the cutest kindergarten school ever. It wraps around a lovely 50-ear old tree and provides space for classrooms, natural garden and playing space.

8. Bethany Tree House by Alessandro Sartore

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The tree named Bethany was loved by the owner. It is now the focal point of most of his house. The owner sees it as a connection with the garden outside too.

9. Niavarian Residential Complex by Muhammed Reza Nikbakht

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This summer resort’s beauty is increased manifolds due to the VIP protocol for the lone tree. The tree is timeworn, and extra care was taken to make sure this thing survives.

10. Kook Restaurants by Noses Architects

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This living tree right in the middle of the living room lightens the room altogether. Ironically, it is a pizza place.

11. Casa Del Bosque By NDE Renda

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This Paraguayan house is a semi-closed structure with walls in the surroundings. Kudos to the architects who made this excellent design to save this precious tree.

12. Castle Type Treehouse in Alnwick Gardens

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This fabulous treehouse restaurant from the United Kingdom is simply the most beautiful treehouse ever! With intricate woodwork and feeling of nature, this experience is raveling.

13. Mod Playhouse by Bjorn Pankratz

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This expertly designed house ascends elegantly but ends after two stories. It seems much more realistic than the loose floorboards that make up an average house.

14. Verde By Luciano Pia

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This massive treehouse castle is simply a sight to behold. Located in Turin, Italy, the must look ravishing from the inside. If only I had found a way to get in.

15. Chrysalis Residence by Whole trees

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These full-sized branching trees died long ago, but the construction of the house shows it must have been alive while it was constructed as light has been allowed inside the chambers. The treeish design makes you feel like a beaver.

16. Treehouse made of Oak by Andreas Wenning

Amazing treehouse 2 Amazing treehouse

This open-air treehouse is lovingly perched around the perfect oak tree that we all loved and played. Its courtyard is the best place to enjoy solitude among the forest.

So which one did you like the most? Comment below!

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