This Modern Living Room Holds an “Embedded” Secret That Will Pleasantly Surprise You

living room modular6

Didn’t get the joke? Well, you are about to. We were just discussing the concept of a modern day house. Despite what other argue, I still believe that electronics may not be as big part of the future home as will be the adaptability and customization. I think the whole concept of the modern home is that it can transform itself completely depending on the time, people and their day-to-day activities. Modular is the world for the future home, not smart!

For instance, when I saw this beauty, I simply fell in love with it. This modern living room looks beautiful, elegant and spotless right now but wait what happens when the guests are away. Simon Woodroffe is the man behind this project, and he is committed to creating a compact, functional living space.

Brace yourselves, this living room as you know it, is going to change!

living room modular6

Yes! It works! Take all my money!!!

living room modular

Wait till you see the other surprises that Woodroffe has in store for us, or rather a kitchen.

living room modular4

The kitchen hides away in a closet so you won’t have to worry about microbes or any other hazardous things coming your way from the kitchen.

There is also loose floorboard storage. Somewhere in Surrey, Harry Potter’s heart just did a backflip!

living room modular3

There is also a collapsible table with recessed seating options available when it is meal time with the guests

living room modular2

Woodroffe has created the ultimate house by using modular furniture and architecture in his designs. I think that LED screen might become a mirror or something else as well. Both the table and bed work on electric motors, but they also have manual controls in the wake of a power outage.

living room modular

When I design my house one day, this will be one of the things I am looking forward to doing! Even Woodroffe himself will be irritated by the kind of modularity I want!

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