Dubai’s Meydan Mall Will Have Highest Residential Tower and A 1.2 Km Ski Slope

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Just when you think you have seen the next level of luxurious shopping and residential lifestyle like the Mall of the World, Dubai, something even better pops out. Dubai’s Meydan One Mall is the next level even beyond the Mall of the World in some ultimate luxury and entertainment areas. It will be a three and a half million square meters mixed-use destination with the largest residential tower in the world as well as my favorite; an insane 1.2 Km long slope!

The Meydan One is going be constructed nearby the Mall of the World. But, it will have its own unique attractions that won’t be found in the Mall of the World let alone the rest of the world. Its eventual construction will be much smaller than the Mall of the World as well. It will be home to more than 78.500 residents with a majority of them residing in the 885 luxury apartments of the main skyscraper. It will be close to 711 meters high or the second-tallest building in the world as we know it.

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In addition to the thousands of residents, the tower will be home to a five-star hotel, yacht club, business meetings and conference center and a plaza view restaurant. It will be the world’s highest restaurant at 675 meters offering breathtaking views of the marvelous Dubai city. It’s design is considered as never-seen-before concept largely due to its retractable roof that will be cooled from the inside to keep out Dubai’s Harsh summers. But, they can also be opened in the short winters to enjoy the cold desert air as well. There will be over 300 restaurants, flagship retailers, and cafes to name a few. A state-of-the-art arena for the showcasing of plays, concerts, and sporting events will also be built.

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The giant civic plaza of Meydan One will be able to host 60,000 people on its own. It will also have exclusive architectural beauties like floating platform, a beautiful waterfall and the largest dancing fountain in the world at over 425 meters long. Now coming to the main attraction for sports enthusiasts. It will have the longest indoor ski slope in the world that will be over 1.2 Km long. Other sports facilities include Tennis, volleyball, squash, football, indoor cricket, martial arts, boxing, Lacrosse, golf and hockey under the roof. Outdoor facilities will include football pitches, skateboard, and a BMX park.

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Since Dubai is nothing without a beach of some sorts, the 300 meter long beach will be good for relaxing after a hard day of shopping and enjoying all the endless luxuries. You can go swimming, kayaking, paddle boating and enjoy superb night time lighting in the evening. So all of this seems to come out straight from a dream as I never thought I could ski in the middle of a huge city, let alone a desert. The first phase of the mega project will be opened by 2020.

Here is the promotional video of the fantastic project. Do enjoy!

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