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22 Life Hacks For Making Ordinary Things More Valuable In Your Life

At times there are are things which don’t seem to be valuable that’s why hacks are meant for them. Following are the 22 creative life changing hacks which will make your ordinary things, valuable.

22. Give your car a trash can

A cereal container can work as a trash can for your car while maintaining cleanliness of your car.

21. Remove water stains from your furniture

Applying mayonnaise removes water stains from your furniture.

20. No chopping only flossing

Use unscented dental floss to cut soft and cheesy food items perfectly.

19. Use a scotch tape or nail polish to reduce insect bite

Using a scotch tape or nail polish on an insect bite reduces the infection.

18. Free up your clothes from wrinkle

Add fabric softener and vinegar in a spray bottle to free your clothes from wrinkles.

17. Fix your DVDs

Apply banana in circular motion at the back of  scratched DVD to fix it.

16. Get rid of sun burns

Rubbing tea bags can alleviate sun burn pain.

15. Freshen up your dried mascara

Adding saline solution to your dried mascara would refresh your mascara.

14. Lighten up your candles with a spaghetti

A spaghetti stick helps in lightening up hard to reach candles.

13. Remove ink stains

Use a hand sanitizer to remove ink stains easily without mess or effort.

12. Absorb oil off your skin

Toilet seat covers are amazing for absorption purpose.

11. Rip off sealed packing easily

A can opener can easily open up the sealed plastic packaging.

10. Make your cut flowers last longer.

Sprinkling few drops of vodka and a tea spoon of sugar makes your cut flowers fresh for a longer period of time.

09. The best french tip guide ever

Separate your nail tips with a rubber band to do a perfect French manicure.

08. A spoon is a best jar opener tool

No matter how much tight the jar is, using a spoon would be of great help.

07. Amplify your phone’s sound

Putting your phone into a bowl would amplify your phone’s volume.

06. Pacify your sore throat

You can soothe a sore throat by eating marshmallows.

05. Newspaper = odor absorber

A newspaper can absorb the odour of any food item.

04. Train your pets

The scent of vaporub helps in training your pets.

03. Put out fire in kitchen

If your food catches fire, throw baking soda on it and the fire will settle down.

02. Shower caps are the best shoe wrappers when packing.

You can place your shoes in a shower cap while packing your clothes so that the shoe soles do not touch your clothes.

01. Suck your burn pain fast

Apply mustard paste to absorb the pain of burning.