You Have Been Tying Your Shoelaces The Wrong Way All Your Life

How many precious minutes of your life have you spent in trying to tie your shoes, hassling with the shoelaces endlessly? And how often have you tried to pull your shoes off without untying them just so that you will not have to bother with the laces again?


Image Source: YouTube


Now you might be thinking that tying laces is quite a simple task and all this fuss is about nothing. However, Google shows more than fifty hundred thousand hits for as simple a search as “Tying my shoelaces”. Not that easy now, is it?

A YouTuber has stirred up quite a storm by introducing a neat little hack to tie shoelaces.


Image Source: Efficient Life Skills


Claiming it to be the world’s fastest shoelace knot, the video demonstrates the “Ian Knot”. Check out the video below:


The YouTuber asserts the advantages of the Ian Knot saying that the one-step knot is easier to master for kids with learning and sequencing difficulties.

Pure genius! Wish we had known it earlier.