Ever Wondered Why Is There An Extra Shoelace Hole? Mystery Solved!


Have you seen the shoelace holes beyond the last holes you usually use for tying them the laces up? Well, they aren’t there just for the sake of style.

People get blisters on their feet while walking on a tough terrain. The main reasons attributed to this irritating skin problem are sensitive skin and the constant rubbing of feet with the fabric of the shoe. These blisters can be avoided easily by tying the extra lace holes in the form of a lace lock or a heel lock.
Lock lace
This strong binding creates additional friction between the laces. The shoe is held nice and tight without having the need to tight all of the shoelaces, and hence it prevents the toes and heels from smashing into the ends of the shoe.

Watch this video get a clearer picture of how to achieve the lace lock:


  1. Steve Reply

    Ok, so once you’ve tied them, how the hell do you UNTIE them??

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