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16 Gadgets That Will Keep You Safe And Secure

Fake Wall socket

There isn’t a person who likes their personal space to be invaded or their personal items being used by others and these gadgets that will keep you safe and secure is what you need. Then there are incidents where one is a victim of theft or a burglary. What follows is a list of gadgets and items which can work as anti-theft gadgets and can also guarantee that your personal items shall not be used by your room-mates or colleagues. Check out the list of gadgets that will keep you safe and secure and tell us about the ones you already use in the comments section below.

Fake Security Cameras

Whether it’s fake or real, having a security camera surely decreases the theft rate. The idea is a simple incorporation of scarecrow technique.

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Anti Theft Bicycle Wheel

This is a cool way of rendering your bicycle wheel broken or useless by making use of collapsible bike wheel. This idea is still in prototyping stage. However, you can get bicycle anti-theft gadgets here.

80?s Walkman iPod Case

Unless your thief is looking for a classic thing to steal which belongs to the 80’s your iPod will be quite safe using this case.

Ugly Digital Camera

Cameras are quite useful even when you’re trying to re-sale and that is precisely why snatching or stealing of cameras is a common thing. However, this improvement, tested in Brazil suggests that if you render the camera ugly it is less likely to be stolen.

Biometric USB Flash Drive

The next generation USB is the biometric USB drive which allows access only on the basis of fingerprint detection. A gadgets that will keep you safe and secure over your important files.
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Ironkey USB Flash Drive

Say hello to this military level secure USB drive which is waterproof and self-destructs data when damaged or if the password is entered wrongly for 10 times.
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Postal Envelope Notebook Sleeve

This might work if the thief has not been watching the old Macbook Air commercials. Still, it is fun to use and can be rolled when not in use.
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9. Newspaper Laptop Sleeve

This one works by concealing your laptop as a 50 cent newspaper. You can choose from a total of 5 newspaper designs to carry your notebook around in.
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Tesla Car Burglar Alarm

An innovative technique which once employed, upon triggering, will trap the thief within the Tesla Circle. There is a good chance though that this becomes more famous among dare-devils. However, this system hasn’t been commercialized yet and you’ll have to make one as DIY.

Home Security Paintball Gun Turret

Here’s a DIY gadget for your home security which employs the Paintball Gun. This turret can track intruders and fire paintball ammo. This sure will be a thing thieves would want to avoid.

The Brief Safe

Dirty underwear is something no one wants to come in contact and this is the idea which has been employed when designing this brief safe. The underwear has been stained on purpose and one may place the valuables in it.
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The Anti Theft Plug Mug

We all hate it if someone uses our mugs during our absence and it sure drives us crazy. Here’ the solution for that. This mug comes with a plug which can be taken out rendering the cup useless with a hole in it. You can plug the hole once you come back and use the mug again.
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Anti Theft Stickers

In order to render your bicycle, motorcycle or car damaged, these stickers are the best deal. We all know thieves go for shiny and prettier stuff.
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Fake Cassette Tape Car Stereo

Car stereos have advanced quite a lot during the past few years and are now an attraction to thieves. However, by making use of this 90’s old cassette tape deck one may easily fool the thieves.

Secret Electric Socket Stash

This might look like a regular electric socket but it actually is a safe compartment where one can store personal belongings and no one would ever think of checking it out.
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Anti Theft Lunch Bags

You will always find the kind which somehow finds it ‘okay’ to treat themselves to their colleagues’ lunch boxes. Here is the solution for that; it makes your lunch look bad enough to keep these people away from it.
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