These Self-Destructing Drives Will Wipe Your Data With A Single SMS

Secure Drives Autothysis7

We all were amazed by ‘Mission Impossible’ and the amazing gadgets shown in the famous movie series. Perhaps the most wonderful fact was that those gadgets could be self-destructed on demand. In today’s growing age of data, there is a certain group who want their data to be secure and be able to wipe it off completely in case of theft.Secure Drives Autothysis6

There are three devices available in market by Secure Drives which is based in London, and all three are capable of self-destructing simply by sending a message or setting some options at the disposal of user. The pricing goes like this: the Autothysis DSP will cost you $1,500 while the Autothysis 128s shall cost you $1,560 and the Autothysis128t costs $1,663.Secure Drives Autothysis5

The Autothysis 128s is basically a 2.5-inch SSD that can be controlled via a smartphone app available for free on iOS and Android. A drive can be linked to more than one smartphone and in case the smartphone is stolen or lost, the connection can be secured using a PIN code. The drive has an encrypted storage worth 128 GB and can be fitted into a computer or connected externally via USB port. The SSD also comes with its own built-in GSM, which is to say that the gadget is capable of receiving text messages. Owing to this capability, when a user intends to permanently delete the data on the drive, all that needs to be done is send a text message to the device and the storage will be removed.Secure Drives Autothysis4

The design of this storage drive works in a peculiar way by scrambling or fragmenting the data, making the recovery and reading of data impossible while also preventing any attempts made at recovering the data, thanks to a built-in measure ensuring high security. Apart from sending a text message, the data can also be destroyed by obstructing the GSM signal, repeatedly entering a PIN incorrectly, removing the device from PC when battery falls below a certain level and also through an optional authentication token.Secure Drives Autothysis2

The token worth $180 provides another level of security, which allows only the owner to destroy the data. Customers will have to pay a yearly fee after the first year worth $47 to retain the GSM subscription. The Autothysis128t is equipped with the same features as Autothysis128s but it has enhanced internal security measures that make the device harder to crack. The Autothysis DSP doesn’t support the GSM function so you won’t be able to destroy the data via text messages, however, all the other methods will work.Secure Drives Autothysis3 Secure Drives Autothysis

As per Secure Drives, the Autothysis drives are legal in more than 100 countries as of now and the country’s data protection laws cover them as well. So those of you wanting to secure their personal data at the next level, this hard-disk is for you.

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