You Think You Know All the Ports on Your Laptop? Think Again

Credits: Quora

If you own a HP pavilion laptop, you might have noticed the unmarked port on top left corner of your laptop. This inconspicuous little port is known as the Kensington Security Slot, or K-Slot, an Anti-theft System devised by Kryptonite Corporation. The role of this little port? To avert removal of integral components of the device. The location of the portal is such that an external lock, similar to the one used to secure bicycles, can be installed. If marked, the The Kensington Slot is identified by the symbol of a padlock, inside of which is contained the letter ‘K’.

Credits: Kensington

The Anti-theft solution can be implemented by the using K-Slot along with an external anchor, usually made of metal, which is attached to a key-driven metal-rubber cable. The small loop at the end of the cable can then be used as an anchor to attach the laptop to stable object such as a table. To lock and unlock the system, either a combination or key lock can be used. This allows you to leave your laptop unattended without having to worry about theft.

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See the tutorial video below for a comprehensive guide on how you can install and use the Kensington Click-Safe Keyed Laptop Lock.

Anti-theft systems are not limited to use on laptop computers; other devices that can support an anti-theft system include a range of electronic equipment, from laptops and desktop computers to gaming consoles and even video projectors.

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