Fly Aboard Your DJI Drone With DJI’s New FPV Goggles

DJI FPV Goggles (4)

Flying cars and passenger drones are not going to be around too soon. Also, not everyone will have millions of dollars to spend on those, but if you have a DJI Mavic Pro, from Series 4 Phantom, or by Inspire series, you can now get the feeling of flying aboard your drone. The company has announced that DJI FPV Goggles that will put you in the pilot’s seat allowing you to steer the drone using head movements.

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The first-person-view system will stream the video live from the camera aboard the drone. The latency of the system is as little as 110 milliseconds as the video is received directly from the drone bypassing the controller. The two screens of the goggles have a resolution of 1920 x 1080p which is twice as much as a typical 2K display. According to DJI, it feels like viewing a 216-inch home cinema screen from 3 meters away. When in close range, users can switch between 720p/60fps or 1080p/30fps frame rates.

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If you want your drone from the ground or look elsewhere, you can quickly flip the screens out of the way without needing to remove the goggles. There is a touchpad on the side of the glasses that lets the users switch between different modes like  TapFly, ActiveTrack, Terrain Follow, Cinematic Mode and Tripod Mode that displays information on the screens, so you do not have to look down on your phone.

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If you want to receive video from a single MavicPro on two different goggles simultaneously, you can get it using the OcuSync wireless transmission system. Steering the drone with head movements is simple, a left turn of the head will direct the drone left, and a right movement will move the drone to the right. If you straighten your head, it will just stop the turn.

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Apart from head movements, you can also control the drone’s camera gimbal using your head movements. Whether you are controlling the gimbal with head movements, you will have to steer with the hand-held controller. If two people are wearing the goggles, one can steer the drone, and the other one can control the gimbal, both using head movements. A fully charged battery will last you about six hours of continuous use.

Your DJI FPV goggles are not limited to your drone only. You can even watch movies or play video games, using the HDMI input on the device.

The DJI Goggles cost US$ 499, and the shipping begins on May 20th.


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