Here Are 15 Most Evil-Looking Buildings That Exist In The World

evil buildings

Architects around the globe have inspired us several times with their remarkable work. Seeing inspiring architecture can evoke the power of man’s imagination, a sense of chaos and beauty and an absolute wonder about the way the human brain works and create things. However, when these buildings are sighted, they bring an unsettling and spooky feeling with them.

Black Spires in Prague

Prague is one of the most stunning cities in the world and every part of the city is worth capturing in your camera. Along with its mind-blowing structure, there are also some spooky black towers that can look like they were a home to warlocks and witches sometime.

Cube of Death

This building is the headquarters of Lithuanian Prosecutors in Vilnius. According to world architecture, the cube shape gives the sense to order, stabilize, strength, rigor etc. The cube shape reflects the specifics and creates a very specific image of a law enforcement institution.

AT&T Building in Nashville, TN

Whoever looks at this building can quickly point out that this building has a lot of resemblance to the evil building and even holds the Eye of Sauron in its tower.

Sinister Theater, Gdansk

The Sinister Theater is the Shakespeare Theater in Gdansk, Poland. The building was designed to look like a Black Box theater. It is an experimental theater that has simplicity and versatility in it. The interior of the building is as disturbing as its exterior.

Sharp Art, Denver, CO

Sharp Art is the Denver’s Museum of Art in Colorado. The shape of the building is very impressive. Its a wonder to see the building standing. The building also looks like it can injure you if you walked around too quickly.

4, Rynok Square

This is a house in Lviv, Ukraine that is build in 16th Century Gothic style manor. The statues built on the building are actually of saints but they are indeed unsettling. A medieval structure was replaced in the current building after it was destroyed in a fire in 1511. It is now a part of a historical museum.

DC Tower, Vienna

This looks like a building that one could find in fictions like Matrix. The shape of the building is very unsettling and gives cringes.

Super Villain Headquarters

This little building is located in Lofoten in Norway. It sure looks like a secret entrance to a villains place. The best part about the building is that it is opening over a field and looks like it’s about to hunt a prey.

Literal Haunted House

The spooky theme park attractions can never be completed without one such building. The thought that anything might pop out of any corner at any time adds to the psychological horror.

Three Gorges Dam

The structure of the dam is made entirely out of concrete. Its huge walls give it a look like it is a super villain’s hideout.

Bank of America Plaza

Those green lights on the building make it look like its the base of some mafia in a cyberpunk dystopia. However, sometimes the neon green lights are in other colors and give the building more look of the good guys in a cyberpunk dystopia.

Duga Radar Array

This radar array is really huge and has not been in use for 40 years now. In a first sight, it gives the impression of the wall from another fiction movie Insurgent. The array is out of work for now but maybe it could be used to carry out an evil mission in future.

I See You

This building is Federation of Industries in the State of Sao Paulo. Though it looks like a government agency that is spying on you, the Federation of Industries is designed to protect workers in Brazil.

Halley Research Station

British Antarctic Survey owns the research station and it exists on a giant piece of ice floating in Antarctica. It sure raises questions that what kind of research is going on in such remote location.

Digital Beijing Building

This huge windowless building seems like a factory that might be producing Terminators in it. Or maybe it is a server complex that controls the AI. In any case, it doesn’t look like it good things are going on in there.

33 Thomas Street, New York

This is another windowless building and it also gives the vibes that something evil is going on inside. The owner wouldn’t want the workers to enjoy the sun or hear the noises of the city so placing windows must be out of the question.


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