These 15 Amazing Buildings Are Made Out Of Recycled Shipping Containers


Recycling is a form of an art. And there are very few people who can correctly make use of this art. These 15 buildings are a perfect example of how to recycle shipping containers and turn them into a piece of art. All of these 15 buildings were made entirely out of recycled shipping containers and the results are indeed amazing.

Keetwonen, Amsterdam

Keetwonen was built in 2005 and is the among the largest complex being built from containers all around the world. It was made using 1034 containers and provides temporary accommodation to students.

It was expected to last till 2016 a few years ago, however, it still stands tall and it won’t be a surprise to see it around a few years from now as well.

Boucher Grygier House, California

Boucher Grygier House is a 251 square-meter home and is made from 3 recycled refrigerated shipping containers. Two of them are used for the kitchen and master bedroom and the other half is for two other bedrooms.

Freitag Shop, Zurich

Freitag Shop in Zurich has the title of world’s tallest building built with containers. It has a height of 26 meters and is made from 17 containers. It was built by The Freitag Messenger Bag Company. The first four floors of the building are used for store display while the others are used for storage and for visitors to reach the viewing platform on top.

2+ Weekend House, Slovenia

Slovenian architectural firm Jure Kotnik Architekt has a thing for buildings made with containers. An example for this would be their 2+ weekend house design that uses containers to provide housing to people. Each unit comes pre-fabricated with full wiring and plumbing, and doesn’t use the recycled containers. Its installation is also very quick.

Redondo Beach House, California

Redondo beach house is a 278 square-meters, two-story house built with 8 shipping containers. The house has a $1 million beachfront location and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It has four bedrooms & bathrooms and a pool that was also made from a shipping container.

Port-A-Bach, New Zealand

Atelierworkshop, a New Zealand based company that provides affordable holiday homes, built a very nice looking small house using a container. It is designed to be self-contained, has fold-out walls and is very easy to transport. They can be easily inhabited with electricity and plumbing hookups at the destination.

Manifesto House, Chile

Its a 158 square-meter home and is made from three shipping containers. It is built 85% from recycled material and uses wood pallets and cellulose from the unread newspaper for insulation.With the aid of Plastor pallet trucks it’s possible to move many pallets in one go.
It was finished in less than 90 days and costs around $120,000 to build.

Caterpillar House, Chile

Architect Sebastian Irarrazaval used 11 shipping containers to build a 371 square-meter home in Santiago, Chile. It was named the Caterpillar house after the container legs that are attached from the side. Some of the containers are rested on the slope and blending into the Andes mountain where it is situated.

Container City, London

Container city was built by Trinity Wharf on the River Thames. It is also among the famous buildings that were built using containers. These apartments can be rented for approximately $330 a month however, the prime units cost as much as $1990 a month.

Cubica Container House, Costa Rica

This is a beautifully and compactly built house in Costa Rica using containers. This is one of the most beautiful interior designs as well and is very small.

Mill Junction Silos, Johannesburg

Property developers Citiq, made use of the unused grain silos and containers to provide affordable housing to students. The 11 stories structure provides 375 individual apartments and is a wonderful and interesting addition to the city’s skyline.

Audi Scoreboard, Brooklyn

Audi built a scoreboard for the 2014 football world cup. It was comprised of 28 Audi A8 Models and 45 shipping containers. It provides a 12 meters high digital display that lits up from the LED headlights on the model cars. The display was so huge that it could be seen from miles distance and provided results throughout the sporting event.


The Hive-inn is designed by a Hong Kong-based company, OVA Studio. It is an interesting conceptual hotel structure and allows containers to travel in and out of it. The main idea is to provide maximum flexibility and mobility for emergency housing or medical care units.

Trump Tower, Istanbul

GAD architecture used modular shipping containers and terraces to create a “miniature master plan” on the top of Trump Tower in Istanbul. The structure is organized over two levels with a series of paths of different sizes that are cut through the structure. The building has 25 chosen commercial units and gardens that represent a modern-day Turkish bazaar.

Old Lady House, New Jersey

This House is designed by Adam Kalkin. Unlike the name, it is not a cottage for an old lady but a masterpiece of modern design. It is built from nine shipping containers. The structure has an industrial design including concrete floors, sliding doors and a plethora of steel.

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