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15 Amazing Life Changing Life Hacks That You Need To Try Today

Every person wants make his lives easier, and the following 15 life hacks will make your daily routine easier. Check out these Life hacks and tell us your favourite one in comments section.

15. Reheat the last night pizza without making it chewy

Genius hacks that will maintain the freshness of your overnight pizza. All you need to do is to put a glass of water with the pizza in the microwave, this won’t make it chewy

14. Light up your candles with the spaghetti stick

Use a spaghetti stick to light up the candles.

13. Muffin tray is best for serving condiments with BBQ

The image says it all. It is very useful as less dishes are used and it also looks great with BBQ.

12. Don’t hurt your fingers anymore

Use clothes pin while hammering a nail and it will save your thumb from trauma.

11. Organize your cords and wires

Bread clips are amazing in managing your cords and wires, attach them with the cords and label them up.

10. No more cramps while running

If you want to avoid cramps then exhale when your left foot is on the ground.

 9. Sticky paper cleans your keyboard

Sliding a sticky paper in your keyboard cleans the hazardous material in those hard to reach places of keyboard.

8. Wrinkle free shirts without an effort

Put your shirt with some ice cubes in the dryer and make it wrinkle free. Genius

7. Pants hanger = book holder

Don’t waste money on buying expensive book holder when the pants holder has the same function. Especially works in the kitchen for cook books.

6. “Smile” It’s picture time

Weird but creative, Take a picture of the friends you have loaned things to. You will never forget and this is an only solution to get your stuff back.

5. Put your cell on airplane mode, It will charge faster

Turning on the airplane mode charges up you cell phone faster but don’t forget to turn it off when the charging is done.

4. No more watered down ice-coffee

Freeze coffee in the ice-cube tray, SO when you make an ice coffee it won’t get watered down. After all who likes a watered down ice-coffee

3. Serve yourself with the chilled drinks ever

Wrap you drinks with wet paper towel and place them in the freezer. Enjoy the chilled drinks with in 15 minutes.

2. Avoid suction in your dustbin

Make holes at the end of your trash can, it will prevent suction.

1. Yum Yum !! Get yourself an amazing grilled sandwich

Turn your toaster sideways and serve your tummy the best grilled cheese sandwich.