10 Unique Restaurants That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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Restaurants make use of different methodologies to attract customers. From great decor to excellent customer service, there are many ways that can be used to bring in customers. However, some of the restaurants make use of a peculiar feature to attract customers; location of the restaurant. We have compiled a list of 10 such restaurants that are located at amazing places and offer breathtaking views.

10. Aescher — Wasserauen, Switzerland10. Aescher — Wasserauen, Switzerland

Welcome to the Aescher Restaurant located in Switzerland that enjoys its location at the base of the Alps where it is merely snugged onto a vertical cliff that is 300’ high. One can either make use of a gondola from the towns below or take the hike to the restaurant. Those who do make the trek finally can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Alpstein Mountains.

9. The Airplane Restaurant — Colorado Springs, Colo.9. The Airplane Restaurant — Colorado Springs, Colo.

This particular restaurant’s actual name was Boeing KC-97 tanker that was built back in 1953. It was transformed into a restaurant in 2002 and can cater to 42 persons inside itself while the rest can be seated on the dining area that is located on Boeing’s wings!

8. De Kas — Amsterdam, Netherlands8. De Kas — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Back in 2001, an old greenhouse that was owned by Amsterdam’s Municipal Nursery was all set to be demolished. Then, a Dutch chef Gert Ja Hageman decided to buy it and make use of its fresh produce in the cooking. The result is De Kas that serves as a successful restaurant and allows its customers to have their meal in the herb garden.

7. Dinner in the Sky — Various Locations7. Dinner in the Sky — Various Locations

Are you tired of eating at places that offer you a restricted view? If you answered yes then this restaurant is for you, located 164’ high and hoisted via crane, the restaurant will serve you food while you are in air and enjoying the 360-degrees view. This relatively new restaurant has already expanded its operation to 40 cities and is quite a success.

6. Grotta Palazzese — Puglia, Italy6. Grotta Palazzese — Puglia, Italy

Only open during May-October and once the place where nobles hosted their parties (18th century), this restaurant is quite majestic. It has been carved into a seaside grotto where the blue-green waters of the Adriatic run below.

5. LumiLinna Snow Castle Restaurant — Kemi, Finland5. LumiLinna Snow Castle Restaurant — Kemi, Finland

This restaurant is constructed each year in December with a construction time of 6 weeks and is demolished after April. The restaurant is operational from January to April. This particular restaurant is also accompanied by a hotel and a chapel, all made from snow and ice. Each time it is built, the theme is different and unique!

4. Villa Escudero Resort — San Pablo City, Philippines4. Villa Escudero Resort — San Pablo City, Philippines

Don’t worry about waterfall spoiling the food; it will not. However, the experience of having meals while the water brushing against your elbows sure is a heavenly one.

3. The Dining Pod – Koh Kood, Thailand3. The Dining Pod – Koh Kood, Thailand

With Labasin Falls providing you the background music and you gazing out into the rainforest; you will love the dinner experience on this tree top restaurant that will remind you of your childhood fantasies. Waiters serve the food via zip lines.

2. Ithaa Undersea — Rangali Island, Maldives2. Ithaa Undersea — Rangali Island, Maldives

This restaurant was given the title of most beautiful restaurant in the world by New York Daily News this year. It allows for a 180 degrees panoramic view of the Indian Ocean where it is located in a sunken capsule that is 16’ below the sea level.

1. The Rock — Zanzibar, Africa1. The Rock — Zanzibar, Africa

The restaurant known, as ‘The Rock’ was once a fisherman’s post located at the Michanwi Pingwe shore but has evolved into a café that offers 360 degrees view of the Indian Ocean. Depending upon the sea condition, one can walk swim or take a canoe to make it to the Rock. The restaurant only has 12 tables and you would have to book one in advance!


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