10 Best Smartphones To Buy These Days

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Are you going crazy over which smartphone to buy? This is where your search ends, we have compiled a list of top 10 best smartphones for you to select from. So go ahead, browse through the list and make the decision.

10. Nokia Lumia 102010. Nokia Lumia 1020

Many claim this is the best Windows phone currently available with one of the best cameras you can manage to get in a smartphone.

9. Nokia Lumia 15209. Nokia Lumia 1520

This right here is the first Windows Phone Phablet with a 6” screen that will give you more access and freedom while using apps.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 38. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Here’s the 3rd generation from the Phablet category that was started by Samsung two years ago. It supports the biggest screen; 5.7” however, is thinner and lighter when compared to its predecessor. However, beware; Samsung is launching its new Note in September.

7. Motorola Moto X7. Motorola Moto X

It comes with Motorola’s customized functions such as twisting for turning the camera on, however, most of it is the regular Android from Google and it is termed as one of the best Android phones in the market.

6. Google Nexus 56. Google Nexus 5

Apart from a somewhat lower resolution camera, this model that was manufactured in collaboration with LG has a greater value for money and is actually quite a nice phone.

5. Samsung Galaxy S55. Samsung Galaxy S5

This is the latest phone by Samsung that comes with 5.1” screen and with a camera that is equally good. However, it is made of plastic and unless you’re comfortable with it; we suggest you keep looking.

4. OnePlus One4. OnePlus One

This is what happened when China steps in; a 5.5” screen, awesome software and specs that are comparable to the best smartphones along with a price that is almost half of these top-notch smartphones!

3. HTC One (M8)3. HTC One (M8)

This is the latest from HTC and comes with a beautiful design, high quality material construction. It also comes with a rear camera that is capable of working as a depth sensor in order for you to edit photos and allow for relocating focus.

2. HTC One (M8) Google Edition2. HTC One (M8) Google Edition

HTC also created one Google edition that allows for updates coming directly from Google. This is the smartphone to purchase if you’re looking for the best possible Android phone and user experience.

1. iPhone 5S1. iPhone 5S

This one wins the competition by large margin; sleek design, useful features and a better camera along with a fingerprint scanner that is un-hackable. Pretty much your way to go if you want a simple, well built and elegant phone.

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