10 Unusual Uses For Tennis Balls That You Didn’t Know Before

Tennis ball

Tennis balls are quite cheap and you probably have a number of them just lying around. If you own dogs then these tennis balls are great toy for the dogs otherwise they are pretty useless. But what if we told you that there are a number of other tasks you can perform by making use of tennis balls? We have compiled a list of 10 uses of Tennis balls that you would not have known before

10. Put Stuff Inside10. Put Stuff Inside

This one is fun; you can cut a slit into a tennis ball and slide in the message before throwing the ball to the recipient or you could place your currency/notes in the ball when you are at the gym.

9. Jar Opener9. Jar Opener

Cut the Tennis ball along the seam of the ball and use the one half to help you open jars with ease and comfort.

8. Sand Curves8. Sand Curves

Usually sanding curves, if you’re not a pro, will result in you evening out the curvature. The fix is to wrap a tennis ball with the sandpaper and enjoy the pro-looking finish once you are done with sanding.

7. Childproof Corners7. Childproof Corners

For the corners that are sharp and can prove to be dangerous for kids; put Tennis balls on them to prevent any accident from taking place.

6. Massager6. Massager

Do you need a massage but don’t have anyone around to help you out with it? Make use of a Tennis ball to give you massages without asking anyone. You can either lie on the ball or place it between yourself and a wall and wriggle the pain away.

5. Remove Floor Scuff Marks5. Remove Floor Scuff Marks

Attach a Tennis ball to the end of a stick and rub against a scuffmark to remove it. The texture of Tennis ball works as an eraser.

4. Pool Cleaner4. Pool Cleaner

This one will work for your personal pool; throw in a couple of tennis balls and they will absorb that oily grease that accumulates on it over time.

3. Garage Penetration Indicator3. Garage Penetration Indicator

Make use of the tennis ball as a warning sign when you’re parking car in the garage. Let it hang from the wall after making some measurements so that when it touches the windscreen you know that any further will result in bumping the car.

2. Laundry2. Laundry

For clothing that requires a touch of fluffiness, throw in some Tennis balls while drying them and you would be surprised with what these Tennis balls can do. Here you go; you just found a readily available alternative for dryer sheets.

1. Protect Your Floors1. Protect Your Floors

This trick won’t look aesthetically pleasing, but it will surely prolong the life of your flooring. Simply cut an X into a Tennis ball and insert the leg into the X. This will protect the floor from any scratches and scruff marks when you move the furniture around.




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    Thanks for the tips…..really it is awesome I will try to utilize my tennis ball in various ways.

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