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10 Things You Can Do With Samsung Galaxy S5 But Cannot Do With An iPhone 5S

Samsung Galaxy S5

When it comes to smartphones and rivalry between companies, there are two companies whose names pop up in the head; Samsung and Apple. Both giants are leading the market these days. However, with the recent announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy S5, it would seem that Samsung has left Apple far behind. The phone shall be launched in April in US and we thought that now is a good time to tell our readers about the 10 things which this smartphone will do that an iPhone 5S can’t.

10. First off, since Samsung and PayPal are pals now (pun intended) you can easily make use of your fingerprint to make payments from your smartphone while both pals make sure that it’s secure.

9. Next time you somehow manage to drop your phone in water; relax it will still be fine once you take it out.

8. Speaking of camera, this camera has a resolution of 16 MP and is far better at taking pictures of moving objects when compared with other smartphones.

7. Worried about your heart rate? Well Galaxy S5 is capable of monitoring your heart rate via rear camera flash for you.

6. This smartphone comes with live HDR preview so that you know before taking a picture that what will be the result.

5. It also enables the users to shoot video in 4K mode. (4K mode basically means 4 x HD resolution).

4. For privacy reasons and for the ease of use, it comes with different modes that can be enabled when you’re lending it to your friend or a child.

3. Upon low battery; the phone will switch to monochrome mode where it almost doubles the remaining battery life. Quite a smart battery saving option, don’t you agree?

2. Due to the infrared blaster that sits on its top you can use it as a remote control as well.

1. If your battery’s charging and discharging cycles are not as good as they used to be; just swipe out the old battery and replace it with a new one.

Need more reasons to buy a Galaxy S5? Here’s another video you might want to see.

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