10 Best Soldering Cartridge For Engineers And Hobbyists

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (7)

Having a good set of Soldering Cartridges helps you with all kinds of work. Seeing their popularity and demand, we here at wonderful engineering decided to write a list on the best soldering cartridges you can buy off the market today. Check out this list and let us know your favourite soldering cartridge in the comments section below.

10. Metcal SFP-CNB05 (15.35$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (4)

Metcal is a very reputable firm when it comes to electronic equipment. This soldering cartridge has a 0.5mm diameter and 14.7mm length while the tip can reach maximum temperatures of 421 C.

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9. Metcal SSC-739A Series(28.75$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (5)

The thick tip from METCAL has a diameter of 2.3mm. The versatile tip can be used in a variety of application and resist temperatures over 500 C.

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8. Metcal STTC-145 STTC(23.60$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (6)

This tip can survive a whopping 775 C temperatures making it suitable for high power applications. The cartridge weighs a mere 0.3 ounces and has a length of 6.7 inches maximum.

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7. Metcal SFP-DRH05 (73.50$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (3)

One of the most expensive buys on our list. The high priced item is made from top class materials which make it extra strong and durable. Overall a great cartridge buys a little over priced.

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6. JBC Soldering Cartridge, C245-036(32$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (1)

JBC is a relatively new manufacturer in the market but they have apparently made their mark. This is a terrific soldering cartridge as it can bear temperatures reaching 800 C and is covered under one year warranty from the manufacturer.

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5. Metcal STTC-547 STTC (27.84$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (2)

Weighing 0.3 ounces, this tip is lightweight yet it can resist temperatures as high as 600C. The cartridge has a long reach bevel of 60 degrees and a 14.2mm maximum length.

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4. Omcon(TM) Metcal STTC-146 STTC Series Soldering Cartridge(46$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (9)

The universal cartridge can be applied on any soldering station and with its dimensions it can be used in a  variety of applications. This is one of the most commonly found cartridges

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3. Metcal STTC-117 STTC (23.60$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (7)

Chisel tip soldering cartridge is unique in design. The 5mm dia tip is strictly for professional use and can sustain temperatures reaching almost 800C.

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2. Conical Soldering Iron Tip LF-B (12.99$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (8)

The heater cartridge is lead-free and can be used with all the Aoyue soldering stations. The manufacturer offers a year long warranty and promises delivery with two days inside the US.

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1. Metcal STTC-126 STTC(23.56$)

10 Best Soldering Cartridges (10)

The most popular of the soldering cartridges available online. Slender tip cartridge has a diameter of 0.4mm dia and can sustain temperatures as high as 850 C.

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