10 Best ESC Consistency Sensors

10 Best ESC consistency meters (3)

Electronic Speed Controllers(ESC)  are widely used in RC Planes, Helicopters and even drones which are powered by DC brushless motors. These controllers need to be robust as they are put to the rigorous demands of these high powered gadgets. In this article, we take a look at some of the best ESC consistency testers.

10. Uxcell ESC Consistency (6.38$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (7)

Made in China, this consistency tester has a net weight of 9g and has a voltage consumption of 4.8-6V. You can connect between 1-3 servos simultaneously to check their gear consistency.

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9. G.T. Power RC CCPM Servo Consistency Master Servo Tester (7$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (2)

Much like the previous one, this tester operates between 4.8-6V but you can attach up to 5 servos on it. The easy to use tester is a hit with hobbyists and quite affordable to buy.

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8. Eztronics Corp® G.T. Power 3CH (11.89$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (4)

The digital ESC tester has three modes to test your device, Manual Mode that turns the servo as you rotate the knob, natural mode: which brings the Servo to its natural position and finally window wiper mode, which moves the servos like window wipers on your car.

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7. LC Prime® Multi Servo Tester 3CH ECS(4.99$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (8)

The high-performance tester can be attached to RC airplanes to adjust their steering box while the device itself can sustain almost four motors or ESCs at a time. The device weighs a just over 4 grams.

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6. HJ Digital Servo Tester/ESC Consistency Tester for RC Airplane (15.65$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (3)

HJ product has the output signal width between 800~2200us and with this handy device, you can control up to four different motors. The readings are shown on a backlit screen.

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5. ESC AOK 4 in 1 Multi Multimeter Servo Tester CPM Consistency Test Checker (31.96$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (5)

ESC consistency tester has the potential to check three motors at a time, and it has a total of 3 modes for checking the status of gears as well. The small tester is robust and can be used with a 10v input.

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4. MAKERCELL Servo and ESC tester (8.08$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (6)

Makercell product can test up to four servos/ESC’s at once and what is different about the device is its high-resolution dial that allows fine adjustments of your ESC or motor. The device is comparatively cheap and readily available.

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3. Souked Digital Servo Tester (68.20$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (1)

This tester is ideal to be used with all sorts of RC planes since it has a digital meter to inform of the difference in gear readings. This tester can check up to six ESCs at once.

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2. DROK® RC Helicopter Motor Servo/ESC Tester (6.88$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (9)

Controlled by SCM, the solid three mode tester is highly accurate and won’t get you much wrong in any situation. The device has an input voltage range between 4.8-10v making it highly versatile for all sorts of device.

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1. Andoer HJ Digital Servo/ESC Tester (9.98$)

10 Best ESC consistency meters (10)

The most popular ESC tester in the market today which is evident by its 5-star rating on Amazon.com. Made from ABS plastic, the device has gold plated connector pins that avoid erosion and give accurate readings. The tester weighs about 39g.

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