10 Best Safety Harness For Work

10 Best Safety Harness  (1)

Safety harness is a health and safety standard for technicians or engineers working anywhere at a reasonable height. Just like wearing safety helmets, workers are now required to properly secure themselves when working on raised platforms. Seeing their extensive use, we decided to make a list of 10 best safety harness that will not fail so have a read and let us know what you think.

10. Sellstrom 4456-KIT03S Fall Protection Kit (63$)

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Sellstrom harness has a 6′ shock absorbing lanyard and 2 double locking snap hooks. The design is ANSI Z359.13 compliant and harness’s polyester webbing has a minimum tensile strength of 6000lb.

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9. Guardian Fall Protection 1703 Velocity Economy Harness HUV(40$)

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The safety harness has dual lanyard keepers and is made from 100% polyester. The affordable harness is one of the best budget purchases on our list.

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8. Protecto Pro 1191433 (89.91$)

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The product has a comfort soft padding for shoulder, back, and leg which allows you to work for extended hours uninterrupted. Body belt and hip pads have D-rings to secure the user safely in place. The harness can bear an adult well over 100 pounds with ease.

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7. Fall Tech 8595A Contractor Harness with 4 Piece Roofer’s Kit (152.17$)

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Fall Tech provides this item with a four piece Roofer’s Kit that makes this purchase ideal for any construction professional. The harness has a 50 feet lifeline and a 3′ shock absorbing lanyard.

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6. KwikSafety Fall Protection ANSI Multi-Purpose Construction Safety Harness (45.99$)

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KiwiSafety product has 3 D-rings at the back and the hips combined. The notched pass through the chest buckles allows for tightening without twisting and gives the user a total of 5 points of adjustment.

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5. RTC Advantage II 4400-EP1 Polyester Universal 3 Adjustable Point Quick Attach Harness (30.87$)

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The safety harness weighs two pounds and can sustain forces over 7000lbs. The harness does not have a waist strap along the midsection that allows comfort during wear.

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4. Capital Safety 1191208 Safety Harness (58.21$)

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This safety harness can sustain weights of almost 500lb and comes in 3 principle sizes; small, medium and Large. The safety harness has a  waist buckle and spring loaded torso buckles. In addition, it also has padded shoulder that provides comfort to the person wearing the harness.

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3. Hunter Safety System Bowhunter Harness (39.79$-110.32$)

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The high-quality harness is made from a combination of polyester and thin plastic film. The safety harness has clip straps both for thighs and the waist which can easily be adjusted. This sort of harness is ideal for tree loggers, and it weighs only 2.5lb.

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2. Big Game Ez-On Basic Safety Harness (46.24$)

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This large sized harness has a safety rating of 350lb and on purchase of this product, you get a tree belt, a lineman’s belt and a SRD strap allowing you to perform a variety of tasks. The harness is relatively affordable and for the deal offered may be considered as a bargain.

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1. Miller RDTSL-QC-B/UBK Revolution Harness (288.76$)

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The premium quality harness is one of its kind as it has the tensile strength of almost 7500lb. The harness incorporates Pivot link’s unique rotary design that provides greater comfort and mobility while the cam buckles allow easy adjustment of the shoulder straps. The durable harness also has dual tech webbing that makes it the best safety harness on our list.

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