10 Best Laser Distance Meter Available Online

10 Best Laser distance meters (4)

Laser distance meters are mostly used in HVAC, electrical and cable maintenance applications. These devices quickly give readings and are especially worth the money in hard to reach areas. We have made a list of 10 best laser distance meters that are favored by professionals, and you can buy them right now, so give it a read and let us know which one you bought.

10. Uxcell a15062600ux0222 (36.49$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (3)

This device has a bright LCD screen and a 4 line display. You can switch between meter (m), inch (in), & feet (ft.) while the device automatically gives you the area.

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9. Andoer 80m/262ft Handheld  Distance Meter (43.90$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (1)

The product measures stance, area and volume with a single push of a button. You can also easily add or subtract measurements. The body of the meter is dust and splash proof as per IP54 certification.

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8. Arama Handheld Digital Laser Distance Meter(55.94$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (8)

Arama meter has a range of o.05 to 80m with an error of +/-2mm. The device gives continuous readings and is protected by two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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7. Laser Distance Measure by GRDE(38.99$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (4)

You can store up to 100 readings on this device, and it detect distances up to 40m. The device is comparatively lightweight which makes it more portable than others.

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6. Laser Distance Meter by OneTak (32.88$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (9)

OneTak meter has a range of  0.05-60 meters while it can also store up to 100 units. Like most models you get the option of 3 different measurement units and what is good about this device is that it is very power efficient 

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5. DBPOWER S2 60M/197FT (49.99$)

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This device is CE, FCC, RoHS & FDA certified and additionally it sold with a 3-year warranty. The device is very precise and even has a mute function for indoor use.

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4. Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter (104.99$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (6)

A high-quality distance meter with an easy to use the touch pad. The fluke distance meter can record up to 50m and provides area & volume along with the distance.

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3. DEWALT DW03050(96.87$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (2)

DeWalt is one of the premium manufacturers of hardware equipment, and their laser distance meters are not far behind. The device’s memory unite stores five 5 previous measurements and has a 2 line back lit LCD that improves visibility.

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2. Laser Measure, Foneso F100 (49.99$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (7)

This tool can measure distances a far as 120m and is very convenient to carry. It offers Measurements in Inches, Feet, Decimal Feet and Metric Units. The device runs on two AAA batteries.

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1. Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure(74.99$)

10 Best Laser distance meters (10)

The most popular product on our list as it has over 1000 reviews & a 4.5/5 star rating  on Amazon.com. The device can measure up to 130 ft with up to 1/16 in accuracy. Bosch is a reputed hardware retailer and this product just enhances their reputation among their competition.

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