10 Best Carbon Dioxide Detectors, Meters & Alarms

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10 Best CO2 meters (5)

Carbon dioxide detectors are used in domestic applications where they are installed to monitor environment conditions. These sensors are also used in green houses where exact amounts of carbon dioxide are pivotal.  We have made a list of ten best carbon dioxide sensors based on performance and cost so have a read and let us know which one you bought in the comments section.

10. Perfect-Prime CO2000 Indoor Air Quality Meter (99.99$)

10 Best CO2 meters (5)

The device can measure carbon dioxide between 0 ~ 9999 ppm and can log about 12,700 readings. The device has a temperature range between 10~70°C.

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9. AZ Instruments Wall Mountable Indoor Air Quality Monitor (138$)

10 Best CO2 meters (1)

AZ instruments device can measure readings between 0~2000ppm and even measures air humidity with a resolution of 0.1 %. The device is suitable to be used in offices and schools. 

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8. Carbon Dioxide Sensor Meter 9999ppm CO2 Temperature RH Measurement(190$)

10 Best CO2 meters (6)

The portable Co2 and air quality meter is ideal for labs where measuring the environmental conditions is pivotal. The instrument is powered by 6 AAA batteries and can measure up to 9999ppm.

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7. Extech CO240 (236.49$)

10 Best CO2 meters (10)

The meter can show readings of  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations and Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point, or Wet Bulb at the same time making it very versatile. The meter can also hold data and has auto power-off functionality.

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6. Gain Express Air Quality Meter (109.3$)

10 Best CO2 meters (7)

Much like the previous meters this meter is also portable but it has much higher battery life. The meter can measure CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature but thanks to an efficient circuitry it can conserve much more energy.

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5.  AZ Instruments Desktop Air Quality Meter (124.90$)

10 Best CO2 meters (9)

One of the best sensor for your home as it is small yet very accurate. Powered by AAA batteries the sensor can detect CO2 concentrations up to 10,000ppm. The sensor has a response of fewer than 2 minutes and displays humidity & temperature as well.

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4. Indoor Air Quality Meter – CO2 by CO2meter (124$)

10 Best CO2 meters (2)

The self-calibrating sensor just needs to be plugged as it swiftly records readings and continuously measures carbon dioxide. It has a digital thermometer that can record temperatures in various Art forms.

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3. Autopilot APCEM (92$)

10 Best CO2 meters (4)

This air quality sensor has an easy to use keypad interface and has a high altitude setting used for compensation in various surroundings. The device logs one reading after every 30minutes and can run on both 110-220V.

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2.  Amprobe CO2-100(249.95$)

10 Best CO2 meters (8)

Rated as Amazon’s best seller over the past month the handheld device has a bright LCD that can record all three (temperature, CO2 & humidity) environmental constraints. An ideal device for HVAC applications that runs on 4 AAA batteries.

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1. Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm(19.63$)

10 Best CO2 meters (3)

The most popular device on Amazon.com with over 1000 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 stars. The product is certified by UL laboratories and runs on 2 AA batteries. The sensor can monitor both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide making it a complete package for home use.

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