10 Best Color Sensors For Your Project – 2019

10 Best color sensors (4)

Color sensors are widely used in electronic projects by students and hobbyists alike. Color sensors, when calibrated correctly, can provide useful information regarding the environment and have broad applications in robotics. The following list contains some of the best color sensors that are suitable for both beginners and experts. These are compatible with Arduino and other microcontrollers.

Color sensors TCS230(8.99$)


A rudimentary color sensor that has the operating voltage between 3 and 5 V. The affordable sensor has decent noise reduction filters that give a stable reading.

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Sunkee Color Sensor(6.49$)


Much like the previous one this sensor also operates between 3 and 5V but what is different about this device is that it consumes much less power. The sensor has a decent response time as well.

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Virtuabotix Color Sensors (14.95$)


The modified sensor comes with a covering over the LED’s and the LDR. This covering reduces noise from external sources and gives reliable performance. The device has three operational frequencies and runs on 5V input.

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Tcs3200 Color Recognition Sensor(7.99$)

Tcs3200 Color Recognition Sensor

The sensor exhibits non-linearity  typically of 0.2% at 50 kHz. The module is made using low profile lead hence the fabricated board is RoHS compliant. The sensor also has a wide working voltage from 2.7 to 5V.

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Waveshare TCS3200 (9.89$)

Waveshare TCS3200

The sensor quickly detects static color and operates best under the distance of 10mm. The sensor is one of easiest to calibrate as it generates stable readings thanks to advanced electronic filters.

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SMAKN® Color Sensor Color Recognition Module(7.99$)

SMAKN® Color Sensor Color Recognition Module

The sensor utilizes TCS230 chip to convert the reflected light into an electrical signal. The color sensor module has solid connectors that makes it easy to connect it to any board.

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Keyestudio Color Recognizing Sensor(9$)

Keyestudio Color Recognizing Sensor

This circular module uses TCS3200 chip-set and has a set of 4 comparatively bright white LED. Sensor’s performance can be enhanced by using filter papers that allow monochromatic light to pass through.

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ColorPAL – Color/Light Sensor(19.99$)

ColorPAL - Color/Light Sensor

This sensor has 3 LED in Red, Green and Blue colors. This unique configuration (instead of white LED’s) gives better readings but since the readings have to process the response time, it is comparatively slower.

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Color Sensors by Gino (17.41$)

Color Sensors by Gino

The sensor has the working voltage of 3-5V and has the dimensions of 1.3″ x 0.6″. This sensor is a little bigger because it also houses stabilizing circuitry that ensures stable readings even though the input fluctuates.

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SunFounder TCS3200 RGB Color Recognition Sensor Module(12.99$)

SunFounder TCS3200 RGB Color Recognition Sensor Module

The best quality color sensor on our list. This sensor has strategically placed holes that allow you to mount it anywhere, and what’s best about the sensor is that it is low power as the schematic is made using far less number of resistors. Overall the best color sensor you can purchase on Amazon.com

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