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The Historic BMW vs Audi Billboard Ad War In Pictures

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BMW and Audi are two of the leading German car manufacturers in the world. They are known for their rivalry in technology and ads, however, their rivalry has escalated to a new level.

It all started with a billboard in Los Angeles, CA.



In a few days, Audi replaced the billboard with a new billboard which challenged BMW.

Audi vs BMW Billboard Ad war

As expected, BMW did respond by buying a billboard just across the street.

Audi vs BMW Billboard Ad war 1

Audi turned to its Facebook fans and the fans came up with some clever photo-shopped replies .




BMW fans also responded with a Photo-shopped replies. One submission is shown below.

Audi vs BMW Billboard Ad war 3

Finally Audi replied back and put up this billboard.


Later BMW moved it’s billboard to some other place and the billboard ad war came to an end.

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