Segway-Inspired Personal Transporter Designed by Student

Segway Inspired Personal Mobility Vehicle

Segways are a well-known form of personal transportation. They are both economical and environmentally friendly, which makes them very likely to be the future of transportation. A design student, Bimal Rajappan, created a radical concept for the next generation of this popular mode of transport.

Rajappan designed the concept for the Design Degree Show hosted by the IIT Bombay’s Industrial Design Centre in Mumbai. His design is one that the user can wear. The wheels are powered by an electric motor and are hubless to save weight and space. The forearm-mounted controls are used to operate the vehicle and it can be folded and worn like a pair of over-sized boots. The suspension comprises of a pneumatic system which uses dampers called “air muscles”. The control unit of the vehicle is located at the posterior and illuminated by LED’s, providing stability and control to the unit.

This personal transporter is not only a representation of the future of personal vehicles, but also an embodiment of what today’s young minds are capable of. We hope that this concept will soon come into production and we will see more and more people using these transporters around us.

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