Zungle Is The Cool Sunglasses Pair That Vibrates Music Through The Skull

Sunglasses have two purposes; make you look cool, and well, protect your eyes from sunlight. Zungle Panther is a sunglasses pair that does a lot more for you, and that too, pretty secretively.


The Zungle Panther is a lightweight sunglasses and headphone hybrid that is based on Bluetooth bone conduction technology. The headphone connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and picks the audio signal, and plays it directly into your skull bones. So you won’t just be listening to music, you will be feeling it in your bones, quite literally.


When the headphones play the music to you, it misses both your outer and the middle ear area, protecting it from any damage due to excessive sound. The best part is that you are in no danger of forcing your playlist on the neighbor on the tram while you commute to work. The Bluetooth function also enables you to receive your phone calls through the built-in mic. The unusual Zungle Panther pair will add both to your style and to your gadgets.


The rechargeable glasses come with a hidden USB plug and last four hours of playtime. The pair is also waterproof in case you are worried about sweat getting in your pair. The best part about the Zungle is that it conducts the music through the bones, so your ears are always free to listen if something important comes up and you do not zone out into your music and not even notice a fire.

Zungle Panther ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year and made slightly under $2 million. A single pair sold for less than $100 on the Kickstarter specials, and you can still place a pre-order for $119 on their website. It offers a variety of erratic color combinations that you can choose from.

Bone conduction technology is not new, but the Zungle is definitely the first headphones that employ it. It is for you decide whether they are pretty enough to buy or not but the pair is worth having for its tech, nonetheless.


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